chapter 2

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The night that I got pushed too far I remember from it I was reading the note prayed to God that she received the note then I ripped up and threw it away figured God will know what she did got on that she's a bad person puts people to bad things. that night I had a knife to my neck. Probably one of the worst times in my entire life kept on thinking about what do it everyone else around there will be happier my parents will be happy my friends would stop talking to me will be happy even sure probably be happy because she'll think that she won what I was going to let her win I was going to come out on top I was going to win she needs to be taught a lesson it was going to be from anybody else but me I did the humble thing I apologize to her didn't mean it absolutely not because I knew she'd never apologize to me or anyone else has she ever did anything bad to she think she's such a perfect little angel that she's never done anything wrong and then she has the worst life ever flash bitch I have a pretty damn bad life and you don't even know it really in hindsight don't know anyone knows it people think on the outside the everyone's perfectly fine everyone has the greatest wife ever what really for most people unlike you always sucks your parents are never there for you and when they are just yelling at you it don't take you and your friends out and buy you a hundred seventy dollars worth of things for homecoming like the dress shoes the hair the nails known people like us to get things like that to people like us are spoiled rotten brat grow up all you are is a bold face liar and you need to be taught a lesson no one likes you understand how your boyfriend stand you that's right he's always looking at me and all your friends did obviously he's not happy with you cause all you are to be honest is a sneaky dacing hoe you really just need to go to fuck away no one likes you and the only reason my SAT stand up for you is because she thinks it no more so she believes you'll said stop sob story

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