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Christina- yeooooooooo aug hurry the fuck up we gotta go

August- hold on (he yelled from upstairs)

Christina- me and Malaysia bout to leave ya ass come on let's go

August- (came down stairs) alright damn let's go

I'm sorry how rude of me I'm Christina that is my best friend August yes August alsina and my day one Malaysia. we all in a gang doin what we gotta do to survive in new Orleans. this shit reminds me of when it all started .



Christina- (wakes up) who the fuck bangin on my front door

I answer the door and see August. his eyes where blood shot red and it was raining really heavy

Christina- oh my gosh what the fuck happend?

August- they did it they killed my fucking brother they did it this time I gotta get back

he then broke down in tears. I felt so bad he had a very close relationship with his brother I can't believe he's dead.

Christina- oh my God come inside

I let August inside. I got him a towel and some cloths an told him to take a shower. after he came out from the shower I saw the towel around his waist with water droplets dripping down his 6 pack I couldn't help but stare.

August- where can I go to get dressed?

Christina- .............

August- hello? earth to Christina

Christina- oh um my room first door to the right

August- thanks

Christina- no problem

as he got dressed I walked downstairs and made 2 cups of hot chocolate. he came down stairs putting the shirt I gave him on. I gave him a cup and led him to the couch so we could talk . he already looked like he was gonna cry I came close to him and gave him a tight hug. he started crying in my shoulder

August- I can't believe this why him tho? Why Mel

Christina- it's gonna be ok

August- no it's not I need to get back

Christina- do what u gotta do

August let go an wiped his tears and looked at me with a serious face

August- I need your help

Christina- u know im wit it

August looked at me ad smashed his lips into mine. I quickly turns my head away. so many thought where rushing through my mind. did my best friend just try to kiss me ?.

August- I'm sorry

Christina- nah it alright

August- .............

Christina- well I'm tired u crashing here tonight?

August - yea

Christina- come on

August- thank you for everything

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_(Flash back over)-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

August- yeo how the fuck u gonna rush me but stand there and stare in space


Christina- oh shit I'm sorry

we then leave the house and head off

I hope you guys like the story I'm sorry it's so short but vote and comment that's you @thug_niggabitch ^_^

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