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Graces P.O.V

So somehow I ended up in the woods. I was running but I ran to far.

"Shit" I mumbled to myself. Now what do I do? Out of nowhere someone pulled me out of the woods.

"What the hell! Stop let me go!" I tried releasing myself from his grip but it was useless.

"Grace calm down its me Louis"

"Damnit Louis! Next time announce yourself you scared the CRAP out of me"

"Sorryyyyy" He had really nice pale blue eyes

"Why did you leave running like that?"He asked since I was in La la land.

"Because Zayn doesn't want me here.."

" Its not that Grace it's.."

"Exactly!He doesn't want me here take me home please." He nodded and lead me to his black mustang. Apparently HIM and the rest went to the same school as I but I never heard of them or saw them. We exchanged goodbyes and I entered home.

"Hey sweetheart are you ok??"

"Yeah dad I stayed at a friend's place"

"What friend?"He asked raising a eyebrow.

"From school" Well technically it's true.

"Oh ok" I went to my room and changed into some sweats and slept.

For the rest of the week I didn't see Niall nor the other boys. It was finally Saturday but I remembered I had to clean Mrs.Clark's house. Sigh. She was a nice lady she gave me some of her daughter's things and I'll tell you what that probably cost my whole life. She wasn't usually around business trips,vacations,and stuff like that.

I took a quick shower and put on a baby blue tank top with flower prints and some blue skinny jeans. I couldn't find my shoes so I wore my flats. I left my caramel hair down and added some black eyeliner. My eyes were hazel thank God because there was no other good feature about me. My dad wasn't home no shock he usually isn't home,I have no clue where he goes. I fixed me some eggs and toast for breakfast and left.

The house was spotless clean. But that means less cleaning for me. Mrs.Clark had many paintings on the walls. Different types of nature features.

Another chapter!The good stuff is coming up next. I'll update the other chapter tomorrow hopefully,it's going to be Zayns p.o.v well a part is. If I don't update don't hate me. Keep reading & voting!(: W-

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