Chapter Two

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At the grocery shop

"I'm just going to stay at home. What about you?" Adam asked.

"Same. I'm going to spend the day with my little guy!" She said smiling at Max.

"Alright. It was nice to meet you here!" Adam hugged her and walked away.

Well, that was weird, he didn't say a word about Behati, he usually does...

Christina paid for the food and headed back home.

Adam's Place

She said she was going to spend the day with Max, what about Matt? Adam couldn't stop thinking about Christina's words. She was not going to be with her boyfriend in a special day. What if I call her? Adam grabbed his iPhone. Very smart Adam, what will you tell her?

Christina's Place

"Mom, I'm hungry!" Max said.

"5 more minutes and the lunch is ready!"

"Mom, why didn't you invite Adam? I like him!"

"Baby, Adam has his own family."

"But he said he was just going to stay at home." Max went back to his bedroom to play.

Maybe he's right... What if I call him? Christina grabbed her phone and looked for Adam's number.

Adam's Place

Adam's phone started ringing, he could believe it, Christina was calling!

"Hey! Miss me already?" Adam answered the phone.

"Hi!" She giggled. "I was calling because you said you were going to be home all day and Max and I are alone, so we thought that maybe you wanted to come over for thanksgiving."

"Sure! I'll be there in 10!"
Adam could not believe what was happening. He was going to spend thanksgiving with Christina and Max.

Christina's Place

"Honey, lunch is ready but I invited Adam. Can you wait ten more minutes?" Christina asked.

"Yes!" Max said running to her.
2 minutes later the bell rang. Adam.

"Hey! The lunch is ready, come on in!" Christina said. Max came running in Adam's direction.

"Adam, wanna play Lego's with me after lunch?"

"Sure. Will you let mommy play with us?"


The three sat down at the table.

"Before we eat we have to say what we are grateful for!" Max suggested.

"Ok, let's do it! You start, Max" Adam said.

"I'm thankful for my Lego's, for mommy and the rest of the family and for Adam because I like him" Max said.

"Your turn miss Xtina!"

"I'm thankful for my awesome kid, my music, my friends and for you." She said looking at Adam. I can't believe I just admitted that...

"I'm thankful for my family, friends and for two amazing people who invited me over to spend Thanksgiving with them." He said smiling at Christina.

"Let's eat" Christina said looking down, a little bit blushed.

They ate and talked for an hour. After that Adam helped Christina cleaning up the kitchen while Max went to his room to grab the Lego's.

"Adam, I have to ask you something, but you don't have to answer" Christina said.

"I know what you're going to ask. No, I'm not with Behati anymore. "

"I'm not with Matt either." They were staring at each other.

"Mommy, Adam can we go play now?" Max entered in the kitchen interrupting the moment.

"Sure! Let's go" Adam said picking Max up in his arms.

Christina watched the two boys. Adam really likes Max...
They all headed to the living room. Max and Adam decided to build the biggest tower they could. Christina just watched.

"Look mommy, the tower is taller than me!" Max said excited.

"And you're really tall!" Adam said.

"I'm going to get some more Lego's" Max left the two adults alone.

"Adam, I have to thank you for all this..."

"No need to thank me, this is the best thanksgiving ever!"

Max came back with more toys.
They played the whole afternoon until they grew tired of it.

"We should watch a movie!" Christina suggested.

They all agreed so Max when to pick the movie with Adam while Christina made popcorns.

"I wanna sit next to Adam!" Max called it.

Adam sat on the couch, he had Max on one side and Christina on the other. Their shoulders were touching but no one seemed to care.
Half way through the movie Max fell asleep.

"You're about to sleep too" Adam whispered to Christina.

"I'm not!"

"Oh, you are!"

"Fine! I'm a little bit sleepy."

"Why don't you take a nap and then we cook dinner together?"

"ok..." Christina laid her head on Adam's shoulder and Adam put his arm around her waist.

Max's head was on Adam's lap.
Adam was feeling incredibly happy. Happier than he ever felt with Behati. What does that mean? I always had a little, scratch that, BIG, crush on Christina, but could we be more than just friends?
Adam looked at Christina. She looked like an angel even when she was sleeping. She looked perfect. Then he looked at Max. Adorable was the only word Adam could think to describe the little guy. I could get used to this...

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