“Welcome to the Iota Chi House ladies,” says a girl with red hair and freckles I think she said her name is Jorja (Georgia would be how anyone else would spell it but some people must be different), “please stand up and tell us something unique about yourselves so we can get to know you better.” Her hair bounces when she talks because her ponytail is so high on her head. The Iotas are all looking at the rush girls with smiles of anticipation.

Emme decides to break the awkward silence by standing up adjusting the short jean skirt she wore over her black tights, with her red chunky sweater, so it was still covering her butt. “I would like everyone to know that I can sing. Not very good, but I sure sound great when I sing alone in the shower.” She giggled as she returned to her chair. I giggled back at her, because I knew she told the truth. In the shower she sounded great but outside wow, she was flat.

Avery gets up next. I wonder what she is going to say. She looks out past everyone seated in front of her and states, “I like to plant herbs in my mother garden, so then can try to cook amazing spaghetti sauces. I can’t cook to save my life, but I can grow great herbs. That is why I am here to further my studies in plant physiology.” She sounds so smart.

Rebecca gets up so fast she knocks Joelle back down in her chair. Joelle is looking at her with hate on her face, not very serious but still. I wouldn’t get away with what Rebecca just did. Rebecca’s auburn hair shines in the afternoon sunlight that is pouring in the window, as she states very quickly as if what she is about to say she really doesn’t want to say at all, but feels that she must do some explaining after the Sigma Chi party. “I would like to say that I am good at getting attention from guys. I don’t know why. It gets me in trouble with girls all the time. I have had no real girl friends until this month. I hope I get to keep my new dorm girls as friends. And if I become a sister, I hope that the new sisters would understand that I am not a boyfriend stealer.” She storms back to her chair and lowers her eyes in shame. I have never seen Rebecca like this before. She always has such confidence when she is with us and she always has no trouble with saying what is on her mind, even to guys. I wish I could do that. I see her as a strong girl and hope to be more like her. This display of weakness breaks my heart a little.

I lean over to her chair from where I am sitting behind her and say, “Rebecca you are awesome. I would never think I would not be your friend or ever think that you were a boyfriend stealer.” I rub her shoulder as a sign of respect for her.

Amy, one of the Iotas stands up before anyone else could as everyone is looking at Rebecca after her outburst. Everyone is watching her drying her tears which she sheds silently into her hands which cover her face.

“Rebecca. Thank you for being so honest with us. That is an excellent quality to have. We Iota Chi sisters have honesty as one of our principles we stand for. Honesty, Excellence and Sharing are important to us as a sisterhood. You would do well to accept a bid from us... should you receive one.”

She smiles in her direction. Then continues with her arms outstretched, “I see there are some more rush who would like to speak let’s continue.”

Joelle with her long black wavy hair and dark brown eyes, they are so dark they almost look black they also have the longest lashes I have ever seen. Really her eyes are her best feature on her face. She is slim but has larger hips than me (polite people would say she has a pear shape).   She has recovered from Rebecca’s insistence in being next and pushing her down. Joelle gave Rebecca a little hug of solidarity too. Anyway, Joelle has the floor. She looks at everyone seated and says, “I really only have one hidden talent and that is being able to remember everyone’s cell numbers and names. I hope it will help me become a great personal assistant to someone famous.” She has clasped her hands together in prayer in front of her chest with a big hopeful grin on her face. Joelle winks at me while she returns to her seat.

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