Chapter 18

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~~~~3 months later~~~

Peytons pov

Over the past few months I've came to the conclusion that ... I like Cam. Anyways we've gotten closer over this time to the point I'm very comfortable, maybe to comfortable.

From Cam❤: Hey wanna come over? We could go to the park or somethin?

To Cam❤: Sure let me get ready be there in about 30 min.

From Cam❤: okay see you then

I jumped off my bed and ran over to my closet and decided on a pair of said wash jeans and a navy baggy sweater.

Then I went into my bathroom and did my hair in a fishtail braid and put on some mascara. After that I ran down the stairs and asked my mom "hey can I go over to Cam's?" "Sure just text me every once in a while" she said "yes ma'am " then I walked out side then to Cams.

~~at Cams house~~

"Hey, Hey, Hey" I said in a bouncy tone

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