Chapter 12

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"Hey we're going to a bar after this, you guys sure come," Lisa said.

"Um," Lacey said nervously not sure how to explain she didn't drink.

"Oh come on, it's Karaoke Thursday it will be fun!" Lisa said sensing Lacey's nervousness.

"Sure, oh wait Lace are you sure because you-," Jack started saying before he was cut off by Lacey.

"That sounds great," Lacey cut in.

"Awesome!" Lisa said smiling.


"Lacey come sing with me!" Lisa whined.

"No Lisa, I don't want people looking at me!" Lacey complained.

"Come on," Lisa said grabbing her hand and dragging her to the stage.

"Lisa!" Lacey whined.

"Look everyone here except you me Alex and Jack are too drunk to remember anything and you're never going to see them again. You can sing in front of me! We're friends! And obviously you can sing in front of Jack and Alex is really just a dork you can sing in front of him," Lisa pleaded.

"But you see Alex is kinda my favorite singer," Lacey explained nervously.

"He's my favorite singer too. C'mon you'll be fine," Lisa said.

"If I fail I'm blaming you," Lacey said following Lisa to the DJ stand.

"Do you know 'Chloe' By Emblem3?" Lisa asked Lacey.

"Yep," Lacey answered.

"We're singing it!" Lisa said handing her a microphone.

"Ok you start," Lacey said biting her lip.

"Chloe I know your sister turns everyone on," Lisa sang.

"But you're the one I want," Lacey sang nervously.

"You're the one that I want," They both sang.

"Front page magazine everyone says that she's a queen," Lacey sang with more confidence. Lisa and Lacey finished the song and sat back down.

"Damn you girls are giving us a run for our money," Alex said laughing and taking a sip of Jack Daniels.

"Lacey do you want something to drink?" Alex asked. Everyone, including Jack was drinking except her.

"I uh I don't drink," Lacey said biting her lip.

"Aren't you a bartender?" Alex asked raising a bushy eyebrow.

"Uh yeah. I just hate alcohol," Lacey said.

"To each his own," Alex said, raising his glass to Lacey.

Lacey gave Alex a smile in return.

"So Lacey what are your intentions with our Jack?" Alex asked seriously. Lacey almost choked.

"Uh what," Lacey asked her eyes bulging.

"Marry, hook up with, use for fame, nah I'm kidding about the last one but I'm serious about the other two," Alex said.

"Uh I was just kinda planning on staying in the relationship for as long as it lasts and just seeing where it goes," Lacey said biting her lip.

"Alex, want to stop making my girlfriend uncomfortable?" Jack asked coming to Lacey's defense.

"Sorry man, just don't want to see you hurt again," Alex said.

"Again?" Lacey asked confused. The last relationship she knew about of Jack's was with Holly Madison and Jack had never mentioned their breakup being too bad.

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