MTB 6-Life Itself

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Yani Pov.

I was in my room laying on my bed watching the season finale of Scandal that I recored.This is really my show.

I found my self singing life itself by Chris and Kev. Then I realized that I was hearing it and its not just in my head. I looked at my phone and it wasn't coming from that. I looked at the tv and it was just showing a Dominos commercial. I looked at the the stereo and it was off.

Then something told me to look out the window. When I opened it I saw Chris holding a Radio over his head and was playing the song. He had it on repeat.

"It kills me to see you cry
Even more when I tell a lie
And it's always something I do, to you baby
And I'm so sorry for all the things that I did
And I can't say goodbye or let you just walk away
So I'll admit my wrongs and I hope you hear this
Cause it's a song I made for you
And I'm hoping maybe I could win back your heart
So please don't say goodbye I know that loves still there somewhere"

"Oh my God Chris what are you doing?" I asked looking at him like he's crazy. The kids are in there room taking a nap and thats how I want them to stay. And my cousin who came to stat with me for a while from New York is here. I got my slippers and went downstairs. I opened the door.

I was laughing on the inside. This boy. He walked in, and it looked like he wanted to laugh but was holding it back. He stopped the music and just stood there looking at me. I busted out laughing. I couldn't hold it in.

He was just standing there with a serious face like he wasn't just laughing.

"Yani, can you stop laughing so I can talk!"He said getting annoyed. I tried to calm myself down and look at him seriously, but I just busted out laughing.

He was aggravated , I could tell.

"Alright Alright I'm done. " I said seriously.

"No but I got to ask , what was that?" I asked.

"Honestly, it was to make you laugh. But at the same time, the words of the sing is exactly how I feel. And like I sang I love you more than life it self and i'm hoping to win back your heart."

"You say you love me more than life itself and hoping to win back my heart yet you have a have a girlfriend."

"I done told you already all you have to do is ask and i'll break up with her."

"Thats the thing there should not be no other person, if your "hoping to win my heart back"

"She doesn't mean anything to me!"
He screamed.

"So then why are you with her?!"
I yelled back.

"Cause I didn't want to be alone and I wanted someone so I could take my mind off of you. Yani, you don't know how much I cried when you left and how stupid I felt. I couldn't even function. I pushed my album back and everything. I really love you Yani and without you I was a mess. I needed to get it together so when my friend introduce me to her we just started messing around and I was thinking about you less, not I didn't want, but I didn't want to think about how you left me and that I hurt you. But I love you so much and I can't let you go and you got my heart and only you can tear it apart." He explained.

"Okay, but how do you think I feel when someone who says he loves me and that he won't hurt me cheats on me with someone who almost killed our two best gifts ever and you got her pregnant. How did you expect me to react? Oh my god Chris its okay that you cheated on me. No thats not life Chris."

"Oh and remember when you said all I gotta do is tell you to break up with her and you will do it?" I reminded him. I'm gunna see if he serious.


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