louis tomlinson love story

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me and Louis were engaged and  i was on the phone with my best friend

"alright julie gotta go love you by" she said

"ok love you too by" I  replied not know Louis was right behind me listening.

"who do you love?" Louis asked from behind me anger in his voice.

"you why?" i asked

"who was on the phone?" his voice not changing

i hesitated "why is this so important?" i asked



"I DONT KNOW IF I CAN TRUST YOU!" he yelled immediately regretting it "julia I didn't mean-" i cut him off

"save it" i said pulling off the engagement ring and throwing it at him and running to the door

"julia!!!! PLEASE!!! I DIDNT MEAN IT!" he yelled tears running down his face

i got in you car shut the door and i saw Louis pull his phone out and put it to his ear as i pulled out

Louis' P.o.V

I pulled out my phone and called my mum I waited for her to answer


"mum I just made the worst mistake of my life" I said through tears

"oh Louis what happened?"

"julie and I get in a fight and s-she t-th-throw the rign a-nd left"  I said crying harder

"oh my lord. call her convince her to come back home you don't know what type of state she could be in."

"ok by mum love you" I said than hung up I went through contacts and found the one I was looking for. it said 'my juju bug'

I waited till she answered and when she did I was heart broken

Julia's P.o.V

I was driving down the highway I was gonna go back to doncaster when I heard my phone going off I looked and saw 'my lou bear'

I answered it right and someone swerved into my car I screamed as my car did summersaults all I heard was Louis yelling

"Julia!!!! what happened???!!!!!!" when I landed I was upside down I had hit me head a lot and I was still holding the phone

"Louis?" I said in a small voice and it hurt to speak

"Julia?! o my god are you ok? where are you?"

"Louis listen. I love you I hit my head on the windshield a lot I don't have much ti..."I blacked out mid sentence

Louis' P.o.V

"Louis listen. I love you I hit  my head on the windshield a lot I don't have much ti... she stopped mid sentence

"Julia!!!! answer me dammit!!!!!!!"

I heard yells like 'omg is she okay?' and 'omg her head is bleeding' and her car is upside down' than the line went dead after about 5 min.

5  hours later 

later my phone started ringing I answered and they said

"hello Mr. Tomlinson. we have some news about Julia potter you need to come down here ."


I left and when I got there she was laying down but was awake Alexis and all the boys were there. Julia was talking some. till I walked in

"Louis your here" Alexis said looking up at me but not leaving Julia's side

"yeah." I said looking around the room "I turned to look at Julia "thank god your ok" I said hugging her but she didn't hug back

"I don't wanna be mean but who are you?" she asked

"im Louis Tomlinson your fiancé remember?  please be joking juju bug"

"who and Alexis only calls me juju bug because she is lexi bear"

"do you remember those 4 guys?" I asked pointing to the boys

" that is Harry" she pointed to harry "Liam" she pointed to liam "zayn" she pointed to him "and niall"

"yeah um we'll give you guys sometime alone"

"i'll leave in a min. after I try something" i  said to Julia



and I kissed her soft and passionately right as she started to kiss back I pulled away

after we pulled away I started walking to the door I stopped when I heard

"Louis? I..."


"but I remember"



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