You Da Boss

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                    As you all may know, I am a student who just graduated from a university in L.A. Im studying math, and writing. I moved back home to The Bahamas to find a job to support my family. I decided to get a job at APNAP (August Public Necessitates And Problems). What they did here was to deal with problems that are faced in the public that they cant deal with alone. With the support of the government, they get the job done. The position I applied for was the CAW (Calculator and Writer). My job was to write up reports and add up some of the calculations that were estimated for the cost of some things. I felt happy when I got a Job at the branch in The Bahamas for there are branches in 70 other countries. 

                       Today is my first day on the job and I already hate it. Everyone here is about 10-15 years older than me, with more experience. I felt alone. They did things to make me get in trouble like put the clock a few minutes faster, and send me the wrong information. Eventually I caught up with it and managed to support myself. For the past nine years, this branch was ranked 68 out of 70 for speed and accuracy. Now, its ranked 38 out of 70. I wonder how that happened? You better believe my young blood helped me. I was called to meet in California for an anniversary meeting and celebration for the companies 12th anniversary. So many people were there! Lots speaking a different languages, but everyone still understood. The service was finally over but then a strange man grabbed me by the hand. I yelled in terror. "STOP"! "I just want to talk. Are you Shawna Gibson", the man said? "Yes or should I say Si" ? I responded in a nervous tone. "Well, what ever floats your boat, but we need to talk", he replied. He led me to a room with dim lights, but eventually the lights came on brightly. "Now, my name is Jacob Perez. I am the manager of this branch. I've noticed that you have improved the company's progress in The Bahamas, and I would like you offer you a job here in California." he said. I was so nervous I did not know to say, but then I asked him a whole lot of questions. Some of his responses were, " Yes you will still hold you same position, your pay will be doubled and you will have a paid for apartment". With this in mind who would not say yes! 

                    It took about five weeks for me to leave home. Here comes my first day on another job again! Here, everyone treats me like royalty. Maybe because our ages were not too fat apart. Because of my salary, I was able to buy lots of new and stylish cloths. Now here comes the best part, some of the girls are hating on me! YES, HATING ON ME! Jealousy is the best compliment! Over the microphone Mr. Perez called me over to come to his office. What now? "Mrs. Gibson it seems like you have surprised me yet again! Not only from your cloths, but from your work. For a while Mr. August and I have been talking about it, and now we have decided that it would only be fit for you to take the ACEO position." he said with a generous smile. "Assistant CEO",  I said as if I was dying. "Yes, what is the matter" he replied. "Well its just that I have to work with, Mr. August. He is not an easy man. He fired four employs last week for gossiping, He has this weird look that speaks to you soul. In other words, when you look at him you get scared imidiatly. He never smiles or laughs. During his meetings, no one talks or does anything," I whispered. "I know but Im sure you can handle it" Mr. Perez replied.

                  Wow! Ive been working with Mr. August for about a month now. He hardly talks to me. He gives me much more work than before, but most of all I think Im in love with him! You may say that Im crazy, but he is handsome. He works hard. He keeps things in order, he is honest and did I mention he is handsome! The girls who have been hating on me suddenly stopped because of me being with him. Maybe they thought because if me having a terrible boss, it caused me enough pain. They liked that. For the past few days I have noticed Mr. August has been talking to me like a slave. I will not have that!

Today is the last day i will allow this. I creeped into the office of Mr. August, and told him these words. "I am an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-A-N-T, hard working virtuous, ant gonna take jack Bahamian woman! Meaning i refuse to work under your hardship." 

                 After I said this, Mr. August only had one response, "Are you done ?" Suddenly, it happened. I planted a slap to sit upon his face then walked out. At home I waited for his call, and reflected what happened. "Ding dong" the door bell rang. I opened it and there he was with flowers and chocolates. "Why are you here"? I asked. He replied in a gentile tone, one that changed his voice one that Ive never herd before and said "Well, Ive realized that I have been a jerk. The only reason I treat you and everyone this way is because of my last girlfriend who cheated on me four times. I never found real love, and ........well.......... you remind me a lot of her. "I do" I responded. "Yea , your looks, your voice, your personality.Its all her!  A smiling back stabbing beast" he said. We both laughed. "Well Im not a back stabber, and why do you have flowers and chocolate? " I questioned. Before I could say another word he grabbed me and kissed me. First slowly, then harder, then faster, then slow again. We all know I love him so you can imagine how I felt! For the first time I saw him smile. Not bad to say.

              "Why did you kiss me," I whispered still shocked. "Why are you questioning our love? I know you love me. I really love you. I never really told you anything because I was, you know, shy", he responded" I stared to rub my lips, then my eyes. Suddenly, I herd a voice speak saying "Young lady why are you in my office"? It was then that I realized that I was day dreaming, for I was still in his office! Feeling akward, I decided to do what was best. I walked up to him and.......................(slapped him /kissed him, you choose). THANK YOU! @iwillbemindless

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