Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

His back is still facing me

"I love you Lexi"

i look at him in shock then I really realize what he said

" I love You too"

He's about to turn around and look at me, about to kiss me for the very first time but then.....


Oh Ed Sheeran how I love you so.

Anyway my name is Lexi I have a few other names but I don't think you wanna know those anyway I'm almost 16 so i only have about a month or so till I can get my license, yay!!! you have no idea how excited I am. Ok I keep getting off topic sorry about that... ok so I'll try to get back on topic, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5"3' for all you metric people I don't know how tall that is and about 115lbs or so.

Ugggggh I really hate waking up in the morning I drag my feet into the bathroom and almost scream. My head is a mess right now. My hair is in knots and my eyeliner that I couldn't get off yesterday is now making the bags of my eyes look HUGE. And to make everything better i only have about 20 minutes to get ready what fun. (Note my sarcasm).

Since my hair had not chance of looking ok and I have no time to straiten it bun it is! and I don't like pants so I'm gonna wear leggings and then *boom* a blue mens button up shirt with a white v-neck underneath. I don't care how hipster I sound this is what I wear almost every day. Then I tip everything off with some gray fake toms that I love.



Damn it, I'm late, I'm not surprised though ill probably be late almost every day.



I look at the time only to see I have only 16 minutes till I have to be at school. Well shit. I sprint down stairs, almost tripping over my own feet. Only to see my mom just having her coffee acting like everything is fine

"Oh by the way honey I told you the wrong time for school starting last night"


"Ya, you don't have to be there by 7:30 you have till 7:45"

What, are you kidding me

"Lexi don't just stand there eat your food"

I couldn't really comprehend what just happened but I was happy about it. So I say down and ate my fancy ego mini waffles. When I was done I looked at the time and of corse it just had to be 7:39. Well fuck a duck. I leap off the chair and grab my penny board and run out the door.

The reason I can just board to hell I mean school if just because I only live like a block away.

*skip to school*

'Ok its the first day, new school, new life, new me.' That line has been playing in my mind all morning and I'm starting to get sick of it because I will never be able to leave the past behind. At least nobody know about my secret.... SECRET WHAT SECRET I DIDN'T MENTION A SECRET..... Ya..... I talk to my self a lot..... So ya now I'm walking into school hoping not to get bullied. I look around only to realize that nobody notices me. Every one is in their own little group gossiping or talking about their summer and you know the normal high school things. So I just kinda decide to keep to myself and try not to get noticed until.....

"Hey beautiful"


Hey guys! I hope you like chapter one I'm working on chapter 2 at the moment also so that will come up soon!

Stick around to see some more!

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