Ch. 6 Finish This Deal Off

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I ran. I ran and ran desperately yearning to seek a safe base. I didn't know, and wasn't positive if I wanted to know if they were still behind me, but I didn't care.

I reached the hallway and navigated myself down it. When I was about to turn the corner to the stair cases, I heard deep voices conversing. I immediately put my feet to a halt to listen in.

"Doesn't matter boy. You don't get your ass up there and finish this deal're done." A sharp voice grumbled. Up where? What deal..? After a moment of silence multiple foot steps where heard followed up with a loud door slamming. Not willing to risk a chance at being caught by any lingerers left in the main stair entrance... I pulled myself down onto my hands and knees and slowly peaked my head around the wall to sneak a glance for intruders. When I found nothing but the small table placed between two stair cases and a grand entrance door, still on my hands and knees, I made my way quietly towards the stair case to my safe haven; my room.

Although, my 'smart idea' didn't exactly go as planned. Half way to the stair case... two, black boots halted right in front of my path. Immediately my actions were frozen, my heart pounded against my chest, and my palms went sweaty. When out of no where, the disrupter of my escape plan spoke up.

"Hello there," A deep, rasped voice greeted.

Oh so slowly, I lifted my head up to have a glance at this mystery person. Once fully revealed, automatic shock could be seen through my expression as my eyes laid upon the very boy--or so man I've been envisioning since--since that one day 11 years ago.


I was sitting out on the balcony outside my room, admiring a small butterfly that decided to pay me a visit today. It was mid-summer. A beautiful time to sit outside and soak up all the warmth and happiness radiating off this day. Running my fingers through my golden hair, reaching to the small of my back, I could have sworn I saw something move down below in the gardens. Through curiosity, I slowly, carefully, peeked my head over the ledge and snuck a glance down. Nothing was there. As I was about to turn my back...something moved behind the fountains. As it peeked its head over I could see clearly now it was a boy. He looked about my age. Once realizing he has been spot, he stepped out from the fountain. As done so, i could easily make out he was not from this part of town. This boy seemed... Different. He intrigued me. He had dark unruly hair, with piercing eyes. Even though from this far away I couldn't make out the color, and oh how I wish I could see that color with my own eyes, I could still feel the intensity radiating off them as they seemed to look right through me. As if he knows something I don't. Just as quick as he showed himself, he disappeared. Gone in an instant.


Holy crap.

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