Episode 3.5: Let it Snow

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When Sarah finally got the Goblin King to tell her why his mother was coming to FANWOOD, she immediately regretted it.  “Look, it’s none of my business what you tell your mother or your relationship with your mother, but I would appreciate it if you left me out of it!” she exclaimed angrily as she stormed down the hallway.

“Sarah,” he said, trying to calm her down as he followed her, “All I’m asking you to do is be polite to her.”

She spun to face him and said, “So your mother is coming to see that you’re not neglecting your duties as king.  So what?”  Placing her hands on her hips, she continued, “So she thinks you’re a pathetic excuse for a son and tears you down every chance she gets.  So what?  She’s your mother, you can forgive her.”

Jareth blinked.

“So your mother thinks that I’m engaged to you,” Sarah added further, “That… is going to be a problem.”

“Sarah,” he said softly, “Please.”

Her expression changed to one of pleasant surprise.  That was the first time he had said ‘please’ to her in a long, long time.

“Jadis will leave sooner if she thinks that I’m engaged.”

Sarah sighed and rubbed her arm contemplatively.  “I’ll think about it,” she promised as she turned back down the hallway, “But don’t get your hopes too high.”


Paris stepped over a Slenderman that was lying on the floor while Internet Explorer poked another one with his shoe that he took off.  Eragon looked at the minefield of scattered lima beans that leaked out of Paris’s bag and wondered how a frozen food could do so much damage.

“Well, that went well,” Paris noted, crossing her arms and placing one foot on a Slenderman’s body triumphantly.  She looked at Eragon and said, “I’m Paris, as I said before, and I know you’re Eragon.  I haven’t seen you around here before.”

Eragon looked a little surprised, but he recovered quickly.  “How do you know my name is Eragon?” he asked.

“Because I’m psychic,” Paris said seriously, walking toward the apartment building doors, but then she thought better of it.  “From your movie,” she said honestly as she turned back to the stairs and climbed them back to her apartment.

Eragon looked at Internet Explorer with a troubled look on his face.  “What’s a movie?” he asked.


Dean was fighting the urge to curse and London was fighting the urge to smash a window, crawl out, and call the superheroes to help them find Loki.

“Hey,” a familiar voice called from the other end of the hallway.

Dean and London turned the face the man that had spoken, hoping it was Loki.

It was!  He was standing smack in the middle of the hallway, pointing to the left, and said, “I found the way out.”

Dean and London raced to Loki, and then all three ran out of the school.  London pulled the keys out of her pocket and locked the door behind her.

“Ha ha!” she exclaimed happily, “We’re alive!

Loki and Dean laughed, too, but then Dean’s smile faded and he asked, “London, where’s the mail?”

She stopped smiling and patted her pockets quickly, hoping that she had put the letters in a pocket, but she already knew that the letters were not there.  “NO!” she cried out, falling to her knees, “IT’S NOT FAIR!!”

Dean patted her shoulder comfortingly and said, “We don’t have to go back in there.”

“But I said I would get the letters!” London exclaimed as she rose to her feet.

“That promise shouldn’t include life-threatening situations,” Loki said.

London thought this over and shrugged in acceptance.  “I guess you’re right,” she admitted, “And I should tell the principle or someone that there’s monster in the school.”

Dean and Loki nodded in agreement and followed her back to the apartment building, the snow crunching under their shoes as they walked.

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