Kellie 12

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I wake up to the beeping of machines. I are my mom looking worn out and my dad asleep in a chair.

"Mom?" I try to say but no words come out

"KELLIE!" She screams as my dad leaps from his chair" Your awake!! I'm going to get a doctor and some water. " She runs out of the room

She rushes in a little while with a bottle of water.

"drink" she demands

I take the bottle and drink

"Where's Christopher, and Ryder?" I ask

"Who are they?" She asks

"My husband and son?" I say but it comes out like a question

"Sweetie you've been in a coma for nearly 11 1/2months. You came home from school one day went upstairs and passed out, and you haven't been awake since."

"What?" I ask

"We have been worried sick Kellie" my father says "We though we may have Lost our only child."

I blink in disbelief, I was in a coma for almost a year. So, no arranged marriage, no kids, no wedding, no death of kids, no wheelchair, my dad didn't cheat on my mom, I didn't wreck. WOW ! What I thought was real was all just my brain tricking me.

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