Whole new beginning

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Xaviers POV


I awoke with my arms around something and a big headache. What happened yesterday? Oh right that scumbag wanted Rochelle back but caused her even more pain. I look over to her to find my angel snuggled into my chest. She looked so peaceful like nothing could damage her dream world. I hope I was in it.

I decided that I should pamper her for the day. I get up out of the bed slowly trying not to wake my sleeping beauty. Then once I was out in the hall I dashed away to the kitchen. Grabbing eggs, bacon, fruit, oj, and pancake mix.

I made the eggs that my father used to make for my mum. The pancakes had fruit and chocolate in them giving it that melting savory taste. I put them all on a tray and brought it up to her room. When I entered I saw that she was not on the bed anymore. I place the food on her desk and began to search.

I gave up after a minute. Knowing that she would soon appare. I sat there on the bed thinking of yesterday. If only I was quick enough to have moved her out of the way so she wouldn't of gotten hurt.:(

Momments later a pair of hands were covering my eyes. "You look sad." she proclaims.

"And why should I be. I have everything in the world that I could ever wanted. " I state back at her. I actually did have everything. I was the most luckiest guy in the world.

"I see you made breakfast. I awoke to the smell of the eggs and pancakes.  You haven't made or ate them for a long time Xavier." looking at me all sad with her eyes full of lust and sorrow.

She brings the tray over to the bed. We sit there eating together watching Friends on the telly. We discussed about what has happened. Wether we should continue on like this or not?

"Rochelle I don't want to have to leave you but if I'm the one causing you to be hurt then ill will no longer stay. I luv you so ever deeply. I don't know whatever Harry did to you but it doesn't matter to me. All that matters is that you are safe,cared for, and loved. and I'm here to make sure that happens."

I let it all out at once.

"Xavier.... thats the most beautiful thing anyonr could ever say to me."  a long pause with silence loomed the air. " I dont know what to say." tears silently fell from her glistening eyes.

I wipe them away caressing her cheeks. She looked at me intensely with eyes filled with hope, love, saddness, and pure magic. I cant but wonder what this beautiful specimen is thinking of. Unexpectedly she is the one who leans in closer. I take tHis Chance to dominate. I scoop her in my arms and plant one on her. I could not have a care for what was going on around me.  I was only focused on her.

Then i laid her gently on the bed. Not wanting to push her I do the most childish thing ever ( but hey weve known eachother forever) I tickle the twit.

"Hey...hahaha..... stop.....thats... not fffunny..hahaha...!!!!!!" Rochelle cried out.

the next thing you know were having a tickle fight. "That was soo not nice Xavier.. tricking me like that." she pouts while trying to lunge at me.

" but I know you liked the kiss didnt you...plus youre so ticklish just like back then." I jump in with her distracted.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! hahah...hahaha okay ......okay.....I...um...liked the kiss." she murmured the last part.

" see now was that hard to admit. come on get ready I have a special day planned out for you. " I jump off of her. Her face was all red from embarrassment and trying to catch air. Her hair was surprisingly neat eventough it went through all that tackling.But she still hrld a smile on her genuine face.

"what? you didnt have to do all this." she states stubbornly.

" your so stubborn.  just go get ready Ill see you in an hour. Bye love" I peck her cheeck and sped of to get myself freshend up.

Rochelle stands there in her room curious as to what Xavier has planned.

《《《 Author's Note》》》》

Hey guys sorry its been so long. I had tests last week and I was spending time with my family for the holidays. Follow me on instagram user 》 sacgrrl_890

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