Birthday smut (Ronnie x Jacky)

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*Ronnie Radke x Jacky Vincent*


~Ronnie's POV~

Well, today is my 30th birthday. I'm not that excited, I mean yeah I'll get presents from the band's fans hopefully. But no one in the band seems to realize that today is my birthday, they all went somewhere without even asking me if I wanted to go. I wanna be hanging out with Jacky, but instead I'm trapped all by myself in the tour bus. I might as well just sleep. I walked back to my bunk, and decided to crash.

I was awoken by Jacky's sweet shy voice calling my name from a few rooms away. I sighed, and got up, might as well go see what he wants and, or needs. I walked into Jacky's room to see him covered in ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, and handcuffed to his bed with the key out of his reach. I gave him a questioning look. 'The fuck is he doing? And how did he manage to be handcuffed to his bed?' I thought as I walked closer to him to see that he was wearing nothing besides a pair of boxer shorts.

"Hmmmm.... Jacky not to sound pervy, but you look pretty damn good." I said as I checked him out. Not going to lie, I wanted it.

"I made you an ice cream sundae Ronnie, don't you like it?" Jacky pouted. 'Damn him and that mother Fucking pout. It's going to be the death of me someday.' I thought as I planted a tiny kiss on his lips. He whined when I pulled away like he wanted more.

I smirked as a thought came to mind 'I wanna lick all of the stuff off of him.' I thought as I evilly licked down his neck, causing him to moan. I bit and sucked on the part of his neck that connects to his shoulder blade. He bit his lip, and whined for more. I smirked as I left a hickey on his neck. "Marked you." I giggled.

"Fuck you." He whined as I gently pecked his cheek, and rubbed him a little bit causing the cutest little moan to escape from his soft lips.

"That's for later babe." I teased as I gently nibbled on his neck, and got a tiny bit lower. I started licking the  whipped cream off of his chest, and I realized that the cherry was no where in sight.

"Where's the fucking cherry?" I asked, and he gave me the evilest grin.

"You'll get to pop that later." He said shyly and innocently. That fucking innocence, don't let it fool you. He's secretly evil. He has a sick, and perverted mind.

"Evil.... and how the fuck did you manage to get yourself handcuffed to the bed with the key just a little bit out of reach, Mr. Vincent?" I asked with a smirk, by now I was letting my hormones control my mouth, instead of my brain.

"Umm.... Ryan did it, along with creating you a sundae." Jacky said innocently, while biting his lip, and looking into my brown eyes that were starting to turn filled with lust, and want.

"Don't worry Mr.Vincent. You'll be sticky soon." I giggled, and then pinned him to the bed. While I straddled his waist,  and grinded against him. I heard his moan, and smirked to myself, as I took off my shirt and licked all of the stuff off of his chest, and stomach teasing him by licking extremely close to the start of his boxers. Then, I slowly removed my jeans, and the last article of clothing that was restricting me. I saw Jacky's jaw drop as he checked me out paying close attention to my groin.

"Like what you see Mr. Vincent?" I asked while removing his boxers, and forcing him to suck on my fingers before entering them inside of him, causing him to moan while I stretched him out, so that I didn't hurt him. He groaned a little in pain, and my eyes softened.

"I'm sorry Jacky " I apologized, as I continued to stretch him out, getting a few more groans that turned into moans. I then replaced my fingers with something longer, and harder, if you catch my drift. I heard him groan in pain, and saw the tears coming to his eyes.

"It hurts Ronnie." He said as his voice choked, and more tears ran down his beautiful face, I wiped them with the pad of my thumb.

"I know, I'm sorry Jacky, do you want me to stop?" I asked sweetly, as much as I wanted this, I hated seeing Jacky in pain. I kissed his lips sweetly, as he shook his head, and I waited for him to adjust.

"You can move now Ronnie, just don't go too fast at first." Jacky said innocently as I started thrusting into him at a slow pace that gradually got faster.  Then, I found that big bundle of nerves that had Jacky clawing at the bed until his knuckles turned white. He was moaning my name repeatedly each time it got louder. Until finally his perfect body couldn't take it anymore, and he erupted with me following closely behind him.

"I love you Jacky fucking Vincent." I said sweetly as I let him ride out his high, before pulling out

"I love you too, Ronnie fucking Radke. You're mine, don't forget that." He smiled sweetly.

"Never ever, I'll always love you Jacky." I said smiling cutely.

(A.N. Happy Birthday Ronnie Radke)

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