We were currently at Starbucks. I've gotten pretty close to the boys, not going to complain.
"So...." alfredo strarted
"Nash are you and twist, justin, and za cool?" ryan asked
"I guess" I sighed while drinking my frappucino
"Yeah we are" twist, za, and justin said at the same time
"That's cool" Ryan said
"Chazzy and fredo! it's time!" I smirked
"Already?" Chaz whined
"Right now?" Alfredo whined too
"Yeah bring your drinks and your a** to the 'store' " I laughed
Ryan laughed
"Were are you guys going?" Justin asked
"Umm to c-" I was cut off by Chaz putting his hand in my mouth to shut me up
"to the coach store" alfredo said quickly
Chaz still had his hand in my mouth I bit it hard which made Chaz took it off right away!
"Owwww!!!" Chaz whined
"You b- princess!" Chaz correct him self from saying b*tch
Ahhaha now I'm going to bother him all day
"Me what?!!" I asked
"I said princess!" Chaz said nervously
"But you were about to say b*tch weren't you?" I teased
"No I wasn't!" Chaz defended
"Okay so where were you guys going again?" Twist said while he inturuped our arguement
"I said to--" I was cut off by Chaz again but this time he didn't put his hand on my mouth
"To coach store" Chaz said quickly I looked At alfredo and Chaz they were both glaring at me and giving me a 'don't say it-.-' look
"Okay okay I get it" I said in a smart tone
"We coming with you guys! I have to buy something for mom from there" justin said
"No! No you can't come with us!" Alfredo and Chaz yelled
I laughed
"Why don't you stay here and we will go?" I said
"Why?" Justin asked suspicious
"Because!" I faked snapped
I just did that for him to shut up
"Okay geezzzz!!!" Justin defended
"Cool" I smirked at alfredo and Chaz while giving them the 'you ow me a big time somers and Flores' look
They smiled back in agreement
"Okay now let's go" I mentioned to Chaz and fredo to come with me
"Okay" they both forced to say
Minutes later we were all at Clair's, I was trying different things on, while Chaz and alfredo were goofing around and trying girly things on pretending and acting how girly girls supposedly act
I just shook my head and started laughing at how stupid they looked doing that
Just then they started whispering and then bursted off laughing
They came to me and told me to try some of the things the have picked which was totally girly I looked up at them and gave them a 'I'm not a girly girl' look
"Okay I understand but just try them on pls?" Chaz and alfredo both shook my hand,whined, and plead for me to try them on I refused until they gave up
I went to the section were they had earrings and wallets at my right I saw some of justin things I chuckled and started looking for some earrings
"OMB!!! Look at this justin bieber things!! Hey Natasha can u please buy me this shirt!??!!!" Chaz was pretending he was a big fan the cashier looked at him weird
"Oh u stop it!!! You have the real justin bieber at the tour bus!" I laughed
"I was just joking around" Chaz said
I then went up to him and whispered "I know you were but the cashier gave u a look like 'wtf?' So I had to help it ya' know?" I whispered in his ear
"Oh my goodnesss!!!! Look at this neckless and wallet of justin bieber Nash!!!" Alfredo squealed
"Shut it!! Let's just go back with the guys" I laughed
"Finally!" Chaz said in relieve
"You know, If I would like to stay here longer I would and you would stay with me" I started
"No!!! Okay okay!!" Chaz cut me off
"Yeah so quit it!" I said
"Do you think they are still in the cafeteria?" Alfredo asked
"Probably no" I said
"Then call them Nash!" Chaz said
"Hurryyyy!!! I wanna get the fuck out of here as fast as possible because if I stay here longer I think I may become gay!" Alfredo freaked out
I laughed and called justin
"Hello?" I herd someone say from the other line
"Oh hey it's me Natasha just wanted to know where you guys at, are u still in Starbucks?" I asked
"Oh hey Nash!" I heard Christian yelled
"So where are u guys at? Cuz fredo and Chaz want to go back with you guys !"
I was cut if by Chaz "she is torturing us!! Hurry up !!! Me and fredo can't stay any more longer in this fucking store!! So please hurry the fuck off!!" Chaz yelled pleading
"Umm okay? Where are u guys at?" Justin asked confused
"Clair's" I smirked at alfredo and Chaz they were freaking out because I told them where we were
"No wonder they are freaking out!" Justin laughed
"Yeah I made them because if they didn't well I would've taken fredos Oreos and I wouldn't have let Chaz eat any junk food only salad so they had no escape" I laughed
"Unbelievable" justin laughed
"Okay so we are on our way hold on" justin said
"Alright bye" I said
"Hurry uppp!!!" Fredo and Chaz yelled at the same time
"Okay okay!" Justin said and hung up
"Let's wait for them outside alright?" I asked
"You seriously ask that? You know the answer!" Chaz said to me like I was a retarded person
"Okay okay calm down and don't talk to me like that, dumbass!" I scolded
"You know what? I'm just going outside!" Chaz said
Before Chaz leave outside of the store we heard a bunch of screaming girls and a lot of persons running
"what the hell?!!" I panicked
The cashier went outside to see what it was happening she then came back laughing
"What's going on?" Chaz asked trying to hide the panic in his voice
"Are you real close to that justin bieber kid?" She asked
"Yeah I'm his bestfriend, alfredo is too, and Natasha is the daughter of scooter braun Justin's manager why?" Chaz explained
"Because there is a lot of screaming girls holding posters of Justin's bieber and they have a bunch of stuff of justin bieber so I suggest you should hide or go through the back door or hide in the room were we put the rest of the things we sell" she chuckled
"Shit!!! Omg!! If they see us we are going to be murder by a bunch of obsess and crazy fans of justin bieber!!" I yelled in panic
"Calm down Nash let's just go through the back door and we will just run to the car alright?" Alfredo said worried of what's going to happen next
Just then I received a call of justin I answered it quickly
"Nash!! Where are u guys?!! Are u okay?!" Justin asked worried
"Yeah I'm okay, but where are u?!!" I yelled for him to hear me
"It doenst matter where I am just tell me were u are!" Justin said
"Alfredo, Chaz, and me are going through the back door of Clair's!" I said
"I will go get you I'm there in like 1 minute!" Justin said
"Hurry up!! If u don't then you will probably see us dead by tomorrow!" I joked
"I'm here" justin said
I hung up and told alfredo and Chaz to follow me to the back door of the store we rushed and finally we met with justin we run as fast as we could to the car and drove off luckily there was no crazy and obsess fans in the parking lot because they though justin was still inside the mall, ahhahaha
"I forgot we were with 'justin bieber' the worldwide singer" I mumble under my breath
"Hey!" Justin defended
"Well thanks to your beliebers we were almost murder by them!" Chaz was still freaked out and looking each side of the car
"Dude calm down! There isn't any more sexy and 'crazy' fans around here!" Twist said
"Did you saw how many of them were?!!! If u have then u probably would be freaking like me too!! I seriously though that today was my last day of living in this precious world!" Chaz yelled
"C-a-l-m d-o-w-n!!" I yelled
"Okay but just don't talk to me like I'm a retard person!!" Chaz sighed
"Okay then stop freaking out!! You are annoying me!" I said
"How did they even knew you were in that mall?!!" I asked justin
"I have no idea!! I didn't post anything!" Justin said
"Dude you posted a pic of the cashier from the shoe store we went and it had the location you where!! And I have to admit she was pretty hot" za smirked at me
"Shut up!! U guys are such pervs!!" I said disgusted
"No need to be jealous Nash" justin teased and winked at me
"I ain't jealous!! And hey were is Ryan?" I asked
"Oh he went back to the bus cuz he didn't feel good" justin said not taking his eyes from the road
"Omg and u let him go alone?!!!! Are u crazy?! Do u even think of what could happen to him?!! What if he fainted or got into a car accident because he fainted while driving?!!! Or maybe ..." I was cut of by justin saying "shhh!! He was just having a little headache that's it I called him like 3 minutes ago and he said he was with my mom at the bus she was taking care of him plus he didn't go alone he went with Christian"
"Okay good!" I sighed in relive that my cousin was in good hands
"Did you had fun?" Justin asked
"Yeah do you want me to tell what Chaz and alfredo were doing at he store?" I smirked looking at Chaz and alfredo shaking their hands saying me 'no'
"What were they doing?" Justin smirked at Chaz and fredo when he saw that they were saying to me not to say anything
"or do you want me to tell u waht Natsha Ashley braun thinks about you?" Alfredo payback me
"Lies" I mumble under my breath
"Go ahead" justin said curious
"She said she thinks you have a very cute smile, that your sexy, hot, and perfect" Chaz chuckled
I turned around and saw fredo and Chaz the instant I looked at me they gave me an evil smirked I shoot them a 'you are dead' look
"We were just joking" Chaz and fredo said at the same time
Hahaha idiots they are scared of me
Justin laughed of how scared they were of me
"Pussy" I laughed at them
"I rather be a pussy than be tortured by you!" Chaz defended
"Yeah 100x times better" alfredo nodded in agreement of what Chaz just said
"What have u done to them that they are so scared of you?" Twist asked
"Do you really want her to tell you?" Chaz asked
"So we were messing around at scooters house alfredo was about to beat the shit out off me so I went to a random room and locked my self in there and it turned out that it was Natasha's room she was sleeping but I shut the door really hard that I woke her up and then she turned out to beat the shit out of me she was kicking me and punching me and then she started asking a bunch of questions and I told her that it was Alfredo's fault too so she went and beat alfredo too! the next day I had a bunch of bruises on my hole body!!" Chaz said
I looked at him and he had a terrified face while remembering of what I did to him
"Duh she went to karate and fighting lessons!!" Alfredo said
"I'm still going and I'm about to be a ninja in couple of months that's what my karate teacher said " I added to Alfredo's comment
"Wow! No wonder it hurted as hell when u slapped me!" Justin said impress
"That's why Ryan told you to leave her" Chaz said
"No wonder" twist said
"Yeah, but if u don't annoy me I won't do anything to you" I said "Are we almost there?" I asked impatient
"Hold on don't be impatient" za said
"You know it's funny because last time I remember you guys hated each other and didn't even talked to each other and now look at you, you guys talk and have a good conversation" alfredo teased
"Yeah I remember too when Nash used to hate me with a passion and I used to hate her too" justin chuckled
"And I still do but now I know how to control my self" I said
"Yeah sure" justin said like if he didn't believed me -.-
"Ask Vanessa or Ashley if u don't believe me!" I defended
"I don't have too, I believe you" justin said
Just then Chaz and alfredo started poking my waist I kept on telling them to stop but they didn't after about 10 minutes that they kept on doing it. za, twist, and justin were laughing and za and twist were recording while justin drived
"Okay enough!!!" I yelled in frustration
I hold my hands at both of them and with my right hand I pinched Chaz in his arm and with my left hand I pinched alfredo I twisted my fingers which made their skin twist I was pinching them as hard as I could
"I told you to stop like million of times and you didn't listen to me!!!" I yelled while still pinching them
"I'm sorry I'm so sorry I was just joking!!!! Pls let go!!" Chaz plead in pain
They were both trying to remove my hand but I was too strong that they couldn't
"Pls let go of me!! Pls I'm sorry Nash!!! Owwww!! It hurts pls Nash!!" Alfredo plead also in pain
"Promise you won't annoy me for the rest of the day?" I asked. I was still pinching them
They nodded in agreement and I let go of them
"Thanks!" They Both said
"Minutes ago We were jus talking about 'you shouldn't annoy me' and the first thing you do is annoy me?" I snapped
"You are mean! I don't even know how could we became best friends if you are mean! But I still love you don't worry" Chaz smiled
"Awww I love you to chazzy" I giggle
"Mee too, I have no idea how we become best fiends but mean nice or annoying I still love u nashy!" Alfredo said in a baby voice while poking me my cheeks
"Aww you guys are so sweet I love yah all" I hugged chaz and fredo at the same time they hugged back
"Cheesy!" Twist comment at how we were being all lovely with each other as friends
"Oh don't be jealous of our friendship" I winked at him
They have such a cute friendship👯
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