"Are you coming?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked over at Sam who was waiting in the doorway.

"Coming where," I asked.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Downstairs. Niall is here."

My cheeks got hot and I quickly looked away from Sam. "Uhm," I mumbled. "Maybe you should just go."

"Me?" He snorted. "You two are friends. Not the popstar and me."

"Then learn to be friends," I groaned.

I was still embarrassed from yesterday and I didn't know how things would be today.

Not only had Niall kissed me, but I cried my eyes out on his chest and let him hold me. Two very un- Jess like things to do!

"Did something happen yesterday that I should know about," Sam pressed on.

"What? No."

But even I could tell the shakiness in my voice as I lied to him.

"Jess," he snapped. "What happened? Do I need to go kick that guy out and tell him to never come back?"

"No," I gasped while jumping off of my bed.

I might be embarrassed and confused, but I defiantly didn't want to never see Niall again...

"Well," Sam glared.

"Let's just go..."

Again he rolled his eyes but he stayed quiet. I slowly slipped my feet into my black toms, that matched my black sweats I was wearing and grey long sleeve top.

"Ready?" I asked while pulling my hair back into a messy ponytail.

"Whenever you are princess."

I scoffed and walked past him to leave my room. My heart might have been beating a thousand beats a second and my hands might be more clamy than clams themselves, but I could still be my bitchy self.

Sam thankfully stayed quiet as we walked down the hallway and onto the lift. Just only seconds before we stopped on the bottom floor did he speak up.

"So nothing at all happened yesterday? Not a thing?"

"Nothing happened," I lied. "Just drop it."

Sam muttered what sounded like "whatever," under his breath as we both stepped off.


My head snapped up and I felt the warmth returning to my cheeks at the sight of the blonde.

"H...hi... Hi Niall," I stuttered embarrassingly.

He grinned and walked right up to me. "Hi!"

I let out a small squeak as arms came around me and pulled me close.

Without even having to look up, I knew Niall was hugging me.

"Missed ya," he softy said.

"It's been one day," I mumbled into his chest.

Niall laughed and separated us, although he kept me closely by him.

With a scarlet blush still on my face I carefully glanced at Sam who was glaring at me.

"Oh yeah, nothing changed," he scoffed while walking into the rec room. "I'll be with my dad. Stay in here."

I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from blowing up at him.

He really had no reason to be an inconsiderate douchebag.


I looked up at Niall, who was only an inch and a half taller than me, and raised an eyebrow.

"He hates me, huh?"

I was shocked by the question. I hadn't expected Niall to ask that.

"He doesn't hate you...I just think he doesn't like you. But that's because of me."

"Do you like me?"

My blush that had just died down, quickly came back.

"Uh...I'm starving! Are you starving? Hell why bother asking! You can always eat! Come on, then! Let's go get food."

I started to walk into the rec room hoping my quick change of topic would confuse him but my hand was grabbed and I was pulled to a stop.

Looking down at our intertwined fingers instead of his face, I gulped before whispering.
"Like you as in how?"

"However ya want to take my question."

I slowly looked up and met Niall's gaze. "Then yes...I do."

A small smile spread across his face. "And that yes should be taken how?"

Niall tugged me closer to him and within a second I was right in front of him.

"However you want to take it," I smirked.

"Well I'm going to take it as in the way I asked..."

"And that is," I softly said.

Niall didn't answer but instead lowered his head and pressed his lips on mine.

I sighed into the kiss and quickly responded.

His arms snaked around my waist while I wrapped mine around his neck.

I couldn't help but think how nice this was. And how it felt just...so right.

Well besides the fact that we were standing in a mental rehab and I still had the voices in the back of my head saying he was doing this out of pity and that I should kill myself.

But besides that, nice.

Too soon for my likings, we pulled apart at the sound of a throat being cleared.

I looked over towards the receptionist desk and glared at the blonde bimbo who was glaring at me.

"Bite me bitch," I snapped.

She gasped as I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him into the rec room.

"Possessive of me?" Niall laughed.

I blushed and lied to him. "No, she's just annoying."

Niall let out a loud laugh just as we arrived at our table.

"No need to be shy. I know you are."

I sat down in my chair and glared at Niall.

"Ya know you look hot whenever you're mad," he smirked.

My face, for the millionth time today, turned deep red.

"And have an adorable blush."

"Shut up, Niall," I groaned while banging my head down onto the table.

He continued laughing while I sat in my embarrassment.

"Why are you like this today," I mumbled.

"Because I told you I liked you and you like me back. Plus you kissed me."

I nearly choked on air at his words. "You never said you liked me. And you...you kissed me first."

Niall smiled at me, "Oh did I?"


He started laughing and reached for my hand. "Well Jess... I do like you. A lot."

I bit my bottom lip to keep from making any weird sounds.

Squealing wasn't something I did.
Not a chance in hell.

"And," he chuckled.

I opened my mouth, prepared to say what I felt...

But instead was cut off.

"Excuse me."

Niall and I's heads both snapped around where the stupid bimbo was standing.

"What," I practically growled.

She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "You're Jess Crawford, yes?"

"Yeah, what's it to ya."

She rolled her eyes at me.
"You're needed in Dr. Sage's office."

"And why's that," I glared at her.

She smirked at me before saying words I've dreaded since I got stuck in this place.

"You're mum is here."

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