-Justin's P.O.V.-
Me and Za were laughing of how Nash got all b*tchy hours ago
I have to admit she looked pretty hot when she's mad
I heard Za making a fake cough and hit me with his elbow in my arm
I looked up and saw David standing in front of me clearly mad that we were annoying his girl
"What's up?" Za asked
"Look, you better stop getting on Natasha's and everyone's nerves because we came here to have fun not to put up with your sh*t! If u want to be like that then go to your bus! Natasha and Taylor invited your a** to this damn bus because they wanted to be nice so pay them back the same way!" David snapped
I just stood up and walked away
I went to some random room and laid down
I could hear them discussing
Really? did David just told us that 'Natasha wanted to be nice?' Hahahahaha bulls**t! This is the biggest bullsh** I've ever heard! Like really! Why would Nash wanted to be nice?
I was nocked out my own thoughts by the door slowly opening
"Justin?" someone asked
"Yeah?" I said
I looked up to see..... No way! Natasha braun!
"What's up?" I asked
"Just came her to say sorry for acting the way I did and for being a b*tch to you! Don't ask why!" She said
"It's okay" I chuckled
She then nodded and started walking towards the door
"Wait...." I said stopping her from opening the door
She turned around and raised and eyebrow at me as saying 'what?'
"I'm sorry too, I mean I haven't been nice to you and neither has Za and Twist but it was only for a reason" I started. How am I Gona say 'because you look hot when you are mad'? Sh*t just got confusing! "Because umm you look hot when you get mad!" I said
Scratching the back of my neck
"Okay?" She said taken back of what I've just said
"Yeah" i said awkwardly
"Yeah but still doesn't make any sense on why you get me so annoyed!" She said
Then she stood up and walked away
Just then Za and twist came to my room walking and shaking their heads in irritation
"David is such an annoying little motherfvcker!" Twits and Za said at the same time looking annoyed
Which made me chuckled and I nodded in agreement
"I can't believe Nash is dating an a**hole like him!" Twist snapped
"What the hell did he told you that got you in such a bad mood?!" I asked
"If you should've stayed there then you would've known how and what he did that made us so pissed!" Za rolled his eyes
"I rather have stayed here relaxing that hearing all the type of bulls*it he said" I laughed
"You are a dumb piece of sh*t you know that right?" Twist said with anger in his voice than it was before
"I know, I know I will take that as a compliment" I smiled which I knew it made both of them even more mad
"Justin just shut the fvck up and stop getting in my nerves!!!" Twist and Za yelled at the same time
"Okay okay geeeezz" I laughed
They both gave me a 'stop that right now!' Look
-Natsha's P.O.V-
I can't believe justin just said that to me. I was in shock and the instant he told me I just wanted to run out of that room. Panic was going through my vain's . The person that I hated and that he hated me just told me I looked hot when I'm mad?
Stop it Natasha! He just wants to get you annoyed!!
I mentally slapped my self
I was disturbed out my thoughts by Chaz and Ryan walking into my room and laying on my bed I was in the middle of both of them
"Oh hey" I smiled
"Where is David?" I asked
"Oh he left because josh called him for a photo shoot he will come on Monday" Ryan sighed
"Oh okay. so what you guys doing here?" I asked curious
"Just waned to say if you wanted to come with us to the mall" Chaz said
"And who is 'us'?" I asked
"Ryan, justin, alfredo, Christian, twist, za, and me" Chaz smiled
"What?!! U seriously asked me that knowing that twist, za, and justin are going?! Nope." I raised my voice at him
"C'mon they are going to apologize to you please?" Ryan said doing those cute puppy eyes he always does
"Okay fine but if they get on my nerves you guys better have my back okay?" I said
"We promised" they both said at the same time
I hugged them in a friend way and they hugged back
"You know you guys are the best right?" I said smiling
"No need to be all cheesy Nash" Chaz chuckled
I playfully smacked his arm
"Okay justin just told me to get down because they are ready" Ryan said
"Can you come with me to Clair's? When we get there? Remember 'lady's first' " I made my puppy eyes
"Pass" Chaz said quickly
"I said everyone! If you want me to go you all better come with me including justin, twist, and za!" I laughed
"Okay fine" Ryan and Chaz said at the same time
We then went downstairs Chaz and Ryan went rushing downstairs since i told them that whoever got downstairs first wasn't coming with me to Clair's at the instant to said that they both rushed through my door I was just laughing my ass off all the way downstairs
"So who got here first?" I asked Chaz and Ryan
"Me!" They both said at the same time
"Impossible" I smirked
"I swear it was me!" They both said again at the same time
"You know I'm just going to ask za since they were here" I said
"Za, who got here first?" I asked
"Ryan" za answers not taking his eyes from his phone
"Are u sure u saw who got here first?" I asked raising my eye brow at him
"I'm positive" za said
"He didn't see shit because he was on twitter but he is correct" twist answered
"Okay thanks" I giggle
"So hahahaha you loosed Chaz. You coming with me shopping" I laughed
"But...." Chaz started to whine
"No buts you are coming with me!" I cut him off
"Uggg" Chaz whined
Poor Chaz 😂👏
So how you guys think it's going?
I'm super thankful for all the ones who are reading it 😭💋
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