Chapter 1- Past

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3 years ago (angel pov)

                     '' I'm moving to california'' who knows that one little sentence could change everything.

Xander and I had been best friends since the were in diapers, but Xanders father had to move to California for business issues so Xander and his family would be moving to california with him. ''What will happen to our friendship now ? '' i ask Xander . ''We'll text each other everday and we can skype too ! I'll miss you and your crazy self .....'' ''Me too'' .........

Present time (end of sophmore year )

Xander POV

                    Since moving to california i had became the ''Golden Boy'' in school quaterback ,handsome and a big player but me and Angel had not once lose contact we text each other every day and skype during weekends. Since the start of sophmore year we had also started a game to see who could sleep with the most people that made both of us players but it never destroyed out friendship. Now it was saturday afternoon and i had just came back from my morning football practice ( not to brag but i have an eight pack) and now i was skyping angel .

                      ''Hey Xander !''angel said once her face popped up on the screen .  ''hey babe why so happy today ??? Just banged somone ? ''  ''haha not funny this is serious.'' wow Angelina is never serious i wonder what happened  '' You wont believe it i convinced my parents to let me go to California to complete high school" ''Really? Wait you're not pulling my leg are you? Theres a catch right?''  ''Yeah ..... isortofhavetobringmyfourolderbrotherswithme''

''Wait slow down and say that again''

''I sort of have to bring my four older brothers with me?''

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