Chapter 2|Okay So I'm Pregnant|

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Julliard ,10:28 A.M.

POV-Ever Hawkins

Okay...Being pregnant and I'm auditioning for a major scout is something that I'm risking my entire career for. I walk onto the stage. All lights on me.

Mr. Paul: Whenever you are ready Mrs. Hawkins.

I start my classical solo. Not missing a step I nail every turn. Then I feel this really sharp pain that causes me to collapse on stage. I don't hear anything as a lot of people come running on stage to see if I'm okay.

POV- Trent Hawkins

I was going to surprise Ever in New York City when I was told she was being treated at the medical center in Julliard. Apparently she collapsed on stage or something. I hope she's okay. I'm waiting in the waiting room obviously when Ever walks out and sees me with a huge smile on her face.

Ever: I missed you so much.

She ran over to me and gave me a hug.

Trent: Hey are you okay?? I heard what happened.

Ever: People faint all the time I'm okay.

Trent: Is there something you are not telling me???

Ever: No. Everything's fine Trent.

Trent:Come on why don't I take you out to eat somewhere.

POV-Ever Hawkins

We walk over to the Pizza Hut a few blocks down from the school and Trent orders our food. He sits back down at the table and stares at me.


Trent:Nothing it's just I've missed seeing your beautiful face everyday.

Ever:I missed seeing you too.

Trent:So how's school going?

Ever:I love it I mean we have so much more freedom than we did in high school. I dance all the time and I made a lot of friends here.

Trent:So what about your audition you were telling me about two nights ago?

Ever:I probably didn't get it. I'll probably have to go audition for another talent scout.

Trent:Well you're such an amazing dancer I know you'll get it sometime soon.

An awkward silence came up and we tried to look anywhere else besides each other.

Ever:How are the kids? Do the triplets like school?

Trent:The kids are good. Colton actually got in trouble for cutting some girl's hair off with scissors but we knew he was a trouble maker already.

Ever:How's Serenity?

Trent:She's good she has a little friend named Adam he always gives her flowers that he picks out if the school's garden.

Ever:Aw...her first boyfriend.

Trent:I'm sure it's nothing like that.

Ever:Calm down dad.

We both start laughing because it's funny how over protective Trent is trying to be right now over our only daughter. A waiter brings us our food and we start eating. After we finish eating Trent takes me into the bathroom and starts making out with me. He was about to go all the way with me when we heard a knock on the door. We left the restaurant quietly after that.

Trent:So do you want me to just stay in your dorm room tonight?

Ever:I'm not saying no Trent but I don't want to get in trouble.

Trent:So do you want to stay at a hotel or something?

Ever:Can you please do that and we can hang out or something tomorrow.

Trent: Sure that sounds good. See you tomorrow.

He kisses me and then I call a taxi. The driver takes me back to the dorms where I run into my room to be quickly cornered by Kalea and Ariyanna.

Kalea:Ever tell us what's going on!

Ariyanna:We heard from Richard that you fainted during your audition. Are you okay?

Ever:I'm fine. It's probably just not a good idea for me to be dancing while I'm two months pregnant.

Kalea:I told you that when you first found out about your pregnancy.

Ever:I'm sorry but I just needed time to think. I'm not ready to have five kids. I haven't done everything I wanted to do yet in life.

Kalea: Isn't this what you wanted? You're already mother.

Ever:I wanted another baby but not so soon. I don't think I did everything I wanted to.

Ariyanna:Ever you have to tell Trent. He has a right to know since he's the father.

Ever:I know but he'll want to keep the baby. What if I'm having twins or triplets? I'm not ready to be octo-mom!

Kalea:Look just calm down. You can decide whether to tell him or not but you need to tell him quickly before he finds out on his own.

Ever:You're right.

I lie down in bed and just think about whether or not if I should tell Trent or not.
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