"How far are you in?" I said smiling sweety to Christina.

"I am not pregnant!" She screamed. Everyone turned to the lunch line. She sighed, I saw the tears beginning to swell in her eyes. Poor baby.

"I'll have a smoothie." She said handing the lunch woman the crisp dollar bill. She began walking her ways to her usual lunch table. I watched her as I waited in the line.

"You are in my seat." She said to a slim blue eyed girl.

"Sorry sluts don't sit here." She laughed. "Oh no, who is the baby daddy? Your sweet little Zach?"

"I doubt it, she sleeps around so much who knows who the baby daddy might be." Another girl said. 

Christina gasped and quickly exit out of the cafeteria. The table laughed as they watched her push through the cafeteria doors, dropping her smoothie.

"What would you like-" the lunch woman asked. I left the line and ran after her. I watched her run into the girls' bathroom. I ran across the hall in my red 5 inch pumps. I opened the door slowly.

"Christina?" I asked softly.

"Go away." She said in between her loud sobs.

"I'm not here to make fun of you." I said walking over to the mirrors. I opened my bag and applied the cherry red lipstick I adore. "I'm here as a friend."

She ran outside the stall and embraced me.

I rolled my eyes as I tried to comfort her. "It's okay, shh." I said. She stopped hugging me and wiped her nose with toilet paper, I watched in disgust and  I gave her my best weak smile.

"I-it's just- thank you. It's like you are my only friend right now." She said.

"Do you want my number or something?" I said.

"Sure." She said as she handed me her iphone. I entered in my number. I handed her her phone back. I smiled as I left the bathroom. I rolled my eyes, why did I have to have to give her my number?


"Hey!" I heard Christina yell after me. I groaned as I turned around with wide grin.


"Damn. How do you get around in those heels?" Christina said, trying to catch her breath.

"You ran after me to compliment me on my heels?" I said, raising my eyebrow.

"No, I was wondering if we could hang out at the mall or something..." I glanced down at my phone.

"I guess I have time..." I sighed.

"Great! Lets go to the mall!" She said pulling me to her car.


"You look great in it," I say for the thousandth time that day. Christina had put on dress after dress for the past three hours. I was just about ready to punch her in the face.

"Really? You think so?" She twirled in it. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at her.

"Of course you do."

"You say that to every dress I put on," she whined. "How am I supposed to tell when you're telling the truth?"

"You look fine," I say. "But now that I think of it, you're makeup's a little smudged."

"Oh my god! Really? Where?"

"Right there," I say, taking my finger and touching the space between her eye and her cheek just enough to smudge it.

"Crap, no way. Okay, okay. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and fix this. Can you hold my purse for me?"

"Sure thing." I smile.

"Thanks, you're a lifesaver." She smiles, and it is so genuine and kind- that I'm taken aback. I watch as she scurries down and makes a turn, still in her pink, partially sequined dress.

Once she's out of view, I rummage through her purse. I pull out what I've been waiting for.

Her phone.

Satisfied, I automatically go to her inbox and find her messages to Zach.

Baby, please take me back. I loved you. I still do.

I haven't ever slept with anyone else. Why don't you believe me?

Me and James made out. That's it. I'm not even attracted to him.

I roll my eyes. What a load of shit, Christina. I scroll past all of the messages. Zach hadn't responded to a single one.

I'm not pregnant, okay? I just wanted you to stay. I thought the baby would make you stay with me. I'm sorry, Zach. I shouldn't have lied.

I hear the clacking of Christina's heels and quickly exit out of her messages and throw her phone back into her bag.

"What were you doing?" she asks, raising one eyebrow in suspicion.

"Just looking through your makeup, is all. You know, CC cream would really flatter your tone."

"Oh, you think so?" she gushes.

"I know so. I have a bottle you can borrow," I say, reaching into my own purse and rummaging through it to get to the bottle. I hand it to her with a manicured hand.

She reaches for it. "I seriously can't thank you enough, Cherelle. You're the best."

I smile to myself. "Anytime."

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