Here and Now

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"Ah! Harry! Stop! Stop! Harry! Stop! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" You screamed. "H-harry! Edward Styles! Stop Styles Stop! Ha-ha-ha-Harry!" You tried to wiggle away. "Now will you give me a kiss?" Harry said releasing his grip on you. He was smiling so big, after hearing you laugh. "Y/n?" He questioned raising his voice, also

extending your name. You ran away still trying to taunt him. You rushed out the door. "Oh, you're gonna get it now!" Harry called after you. You were both laughing the whole time, rushing down the stairs.

You made your way to the couch,

climbing over it. The door to the back patio slammed open. Harry was close, and fast. You suddenly stopped running and felt something tightly pick you up. You were still acting like you were running, kicking your feet, wiggling, and grunting.

He sat you down to turn you around really quick then pick you back up properly. "Come here love bug." He said with a cute little smile. Harry then started spinning you around, "circles, were going in circles!" He kind of scream-sung while giggling. "Dizzy's all it makes us!" You screamed back, soon you too were laughing. "So put me down you bone head!!" You added. "Let me go Styles!!". "See that's the thing babe, I could never let you go." He says giving you a cheeky grin.

You and your boy friend Harry had been together for about two years now, well it would be two years in four days. If you asked Harry, he'd say 'twenty three months, twenty one days' then throw in some random hours, minutes, and seconds, so he sounds completely accurate. Yet he has no clue at all. See you were so excited, because your day, was Christmas.


December 25, 2011 was the day I finally got to meet those grand emerald green eyes, that I came to fall in love with over time. That I had loved before, but not like now. I was walking through the cold, crisp Cheshire streets. Bitter snow bit at my chilled, pale, delicate skin. I was looking down, trying to avoid the snow in my face. I was completely bundled up, yet still freezing.

I suddenly bumped into someone. Almost falling over because of that damn snow, and slippery ice everywhere. Before I could fall, a kind, warm hand found its way to my back, while the other strongly gripped my wrist. The toned, tall figure supported mine, and helped me become steady.

I looked up to thank the nice person, that I had just fallen all over, for helping me. Possibly, also saving me a trip to the hospital, knowing how clumsy and fragile I am. "Than-" is all I could get out, before I realized who my hero was. Him, it was the man I love today, the one I loved, but not like now, he was the one who was holding me up then, and still now, today. Past his dark, thick, black shades, his green eyes pierced, with a deep green, and strokes of a lightness. You could not only see the extraordinary color, but the love, and care.

God, he was beautiful, much more than he would ever be on my laptop, phone screen, or on my walls peering down at me. With those same green eyes, that could make you melt, even in this chilly snow. "You alright love?" He asked, breaking the complete awkward silence, that I didn't realize was there, or how hard I was staring. Oh, how much the tension built! "Uh-ohh y-yes I'm quite fine." I said still dazed, and in the warmth of his arms. "Thanks, a lot!" I made sure to add.

"I'm Ha-" "I know" I said before I could finish. Then snapping out of the trance I was in. Not sure if it was from his, touch, or eyes, maybe from, his accent. Which gave me chills. What ever it was I looked down awkwardly, and tried to scramble out of his arms. Even though I had a longing to stay there forever. "Well I've got to." And didn't even mind finishing, I just pointed and leaned in the opposite direction, patting my leg.

I wanted to stay, talk, stare into those eyes some more. I mean, that was HARRY Styles for gods sake!! Although, that was weird, I didn't want to seem that way, so I thought I'd just go on my own way. "No please, stop!" I herd a calling for me.

*Harry's POV*

She was beautiful, breathtaking, I had to stop her. I felt so close to her, I knew she knew who I was too. She was speechless, and for once that surprised me. I'm used to that, but a shock came, along with her response. "No please!" I said trying to stop her from leaving me. She turned around, gazing at me, that look on her face. It was like, she felt it too.

She just fell, I helped her, that's all. Nothing special was said, but there was something there. Maybe our touch, that was probably it. Feeling her heart beat a mile a minute, and her heavy breathing on my chest. Her touch, was magic. It was loving, kind, caring, I'm not sure intentional. Sure enough it was there, it happened.

Still with that look on her face, the look of questioning, longing, hope maybe. She walked toward me. "Um, I never caught your name dear?" 'But I'm glad

I caught you' I added in my head.

I couldn't help but stare down at her, four inches down, as she parted her lips to release her name. "Y/N" she said awkwardly, looking up from the ground. A smile came across her face, she gained some confidence it seemed, well to at least speak without a stutter. "Well (y/full/n) (y/nick/n) for short, actually......" She stopped speaking. I dearly missed the sweet tone of her voice. She looked down again.

Nothing really happened, you know. She just looked down again, but I would wait. I was freezing cold, but I'd wait ages for her, ages, loads of ages...

*your POV*

When he called me back, I was excited, quite scared too, I might add. I had no idea what to do. 'What does he need?', 'did I do something wrong?', 'what did I do?', 'why?', are the things running, and flooding through my mind at that moment. He asked for my name, 'phew' I thought. "Y/n" I simply answered, then started to mumble on like an idiot about my name. I stopped myself.

I looked up to see Harry, looking at me longingly, the same way I would have looked at him. Which is something I mainly tried to avoid. "Y/n!!!" Was the only thing that broke the bare, cold silence between us.

I turned around to see my best friend, Jenna, come rushing towards me. She was waving her hand a bit to check and see if I was paying attention, and would respond. I bit my lip, broke a smile, then slightly waved my hand back, to acknowledge her.

She finally reached us, bending over setting her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. "Woo! I've been looking all over for you!" She said panting. I just stood awkwardly, crossing my feet, gripping tightly with my left hand, my right arm. Biting my lip I looked back and forth, Jenna to Harry hoping, she'd be okay. "Now who is thi-" is all she could get out, speechless, exactly like me.

Her huge green eyes widened, as her hands found their way to her ginger locks, gripping bunches, in shock. Harry looked up "Hi" he said, only saying that you could still hear that thick Cheshire accent, that could drive you crazy. That I knew was driving Jenna insane.

"I-I-I-I'm Jenna!" She managed to spit out. "A bit cold? You're quite chilly I reckon!" He said placing that as the reason she was stuttering. "Yeah, that's it.." She said with her eyes still huge, and mouth wide open.

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