I had my gun out before everyone else. Our small group all walked backwards into a small circle, our backs to each other, and our fronts facing the circle of figures around us. It was too hard to see their faces but I didn't feel threatened. A deep rich voice came from behind me,

"Who the hell are you?"

I let out a breathe id been holding; they were human and spoke with a familiar accent . But why are they here?

"Were just trying to make our way to the camp in Canada we don't need any trouble." Ty negotiated next to me

"If you're going where I think you are I would stop now."

"Why do you say that?" I asked, readjusting my grip on the cool metal gun

I felt the focus of the outsiders shift to me. The figure in front of me moved closer to me, and the remaining light of day illuminated his features.

He had tan skin with black facial scruff around his mouth in a goatee. His age looked around the thirties and his dark eyes inspected me. His stare felt like burning oil being poured over me as he slowly raked his eyes over my body. I shivered in discomfort.

"The camp there is gone. They got attacked and had to scatter." the voice from behind me answered

The man in front of me continued to get closer until I could feel his hot breathe on my face. Next to me Ty was flinching and glaring at him.

He towered over me, making me feel small and weaker. Slowly he started to lift his arm and his filthy hand touched my cheek. Where we had contact I felt like I had millions of tiny centipedes crawling under my skin.

"Get your hands off her. Now." Ty restrained his anger

This caught Matts attention as well as he turned around with a grunt. The both of them needed to pay attention to the rest of the crowd around us, I could handle this creepy without them.

Dragging his fingers across my chin he replied,

"Hey now, we don't want any trouble. I just haven't seen a pretty, young girl in such a long time. She doesn't seem to mind. Ain't that right, sweetheart?"

As his fingers crossed my lips I opened my mouth and bit down. Hard.

He screamed out as his blood splattered my face. I didn't even flinch as the metal smell hit my sensitive nose. He looked down at me to watch me spit out his pinkie finger to the ground. Asshole.

This caught the attention of everyone and in a matter of seconds the outsiders closed in on us. We started shooting at them immediately. Men were coming for us at all angles and there were at least ten of them, all of them were armed with a gun, knife, and the occasional metal rod.

The first one to grab me had a metal rod and raised it back behind his head in the amount of time it took me to grab it from him. I was too fast for him and by the time he realized it was even gone I was using all my strength to hit him in the head with it. He landed to the ground with a thud and a huge dent in the center of his crown. Taking my gun I shot him in the head for a quick death.

I looked up from the corpse to observe the rest of the fight. Ty and Matt were both beating the shit out of two different guys around me.

Pete was wrestling with a girl who's gun had been thrown to the ground. She had long blonde hair and a bloodied face from the fight.

"Pete!" I screamed

He looked over at me for a second confused


"Keep her alive."

He just nodded as I heard a cry from the right of me. Up against a tree was William with gun held to his head by another boy, around his twenties. I'm not losing William.

I sprinted to them as Will kicked the boy in the gut forcing him to release him on the ground. The blonde haired boy rolled on the ground as William struggled to catch his breath. Grabbing the boy by the back of his shirt and held him to the ground.

I forcefully put my gun against his head as I looked into the boys brown eyes. My breathe caught in my throat and I felt disconnected from my body.

"Clara?" he rasped out, his eyes wide in shock and disbelief


My brother...he's alive.

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