What if Rue won?

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*side note: I'm starting at the part where Rue's stuck in the net. This is my first story so enjoy!!*

I flail my weak arms around in the net as an attempt to escape. No use. Then I remember, Katniss. "KATNISS!" I scream. "KATNISS HELP ME!" "Rue!"

I hear a voice in the distance. I begin to relax a little until I hear leaves crunching under boots. Could it be Katniss? Or someone who wants to see the fool who got caught in their net? I brace myself for impact, & then I see Katniss leap out of the bushes. Without stopping to say a word, she cuts the net open freeing me.

She slightly smiles at me, & I'm too in shock it say or do anything. Until I see district one, send a spear flying into Katniss's side.

"NO!" I scream tears forming in my eyes. She manages to send an arrow into his throat before falling over. I roll her onto her back & she winces in pain. No. No no this can't be happening. She can't die. No she can't. I'm balling now. "Katniss please," I say barely audible. "stay with me." She moans. "Rue.." she puts her hand on my cheek. "You're going to win this." Tears spill out of my eyes. "But Katniss I don't want to win this!" She slowly moves her hand where the spear hit her. She yanks it out, yelping in pain. "You'll be okay," I say wiping a tear away. But that was before I saw the damage. She slightly nods her head, indicating me to look at it. I'm astonished at what I see. A gaping hole, oozing red liquid & pus. I slightly gag at the sight, then begin to cry again knowing there no way she'll make it. I look back to her. "I love you, Katniss. Will you remember me?" I sniffle. She smiles & nods. "I love you too, Rue. Will you remember me also?" Her eyes are droopy now, & I can tell she's forcing them open. "Always," I reply with a shaky voice. I look up at the blue sky, filled with puffy white clouds & Mockingjays singing their songs. I look back down at Katniss who's shutting her eyes for the last time. I don't know if she can hear me or not, but I finally say, "I'll never forget you." She must've heard me, because she balled up her fist & placed it on her heart, saying she loves me, & I'll forever hold a place in her heart. She lies there motionless for a few seconds, & then her cannon sounds, indicating she's gone from this Hell of an earth. I gather up my few things, & Katniss's too, knowing she'd want me to have them. I take one last look at her soulless body & head for the trees. I climb up a tall thin tree, & position myself in a fork of the tree high up. I make a mental list of the remaining tributes. Thresh, Peeta, Cato, Clove & Foxface, which is what Katniss called her since she never knew her real name. There's no way I can fight them. I can't even hold Katniss's bow, let alone shoot it. I guess I could just gather up as much supplies as I can handle, until the game makers force us into the middle to fight. I dismiss this awful thought, for it will only bring for stress to myself. I make preparations to stay in this tree for the night. I secure my packs in a smaller fork a little higher than me, a knife Katniss had in my belt, & slide into her sleeping bag. It must've taken a while, because the sun is already slipping under the horizon.

It's dark within 10 minutes, & I decide to sleep. I'm almost asleep, until a loud noise jolts me awake. I scan the area for any tributes, & then realize it's the anthem playing. The picture of the boy from one flashes by, then the girl from 10, & finally, district 12: Katniss Everdeen.

A tear comes to my eye at the sight of her picture, but I quickly wipe it away. No one sponsors cry babies. Plus I already cried enough for one day, & I know Katniss wouldn't want this. The anthem plays one last time & the sky goes black, leaving me to sleep peacefully..for now anyways.

I close my eyes & try to turn the world off for as long as I can. I dream of Mockingjays chirping their beautiful melodies. Endless meadows filled with the most gorgeous flowers, & rabbits hoping around happily. I stand in the meadow, singing the Mockingjays' song. Then I see something odd. I squirt my eyes to see what it is. I see a figure running towards me, yelling something, but I can't quite make out what it's saying. The figure comes into my view & it's Katniss, screaming my name. Suddenly, the meadow disappears under my feet & turns into the arena forest. The rabbits are gone,& the Mockingjays are no longer singing their songs. I'm back in the middle of the forest. I'm back at the place of nightmares, watching my ally, no, my friend, die. Before I know it, the spear flies into her side, her arrow lodges in district 1's throat. I don't wanna go back. Ever. I try to scream but no sound comes out. This beautiful, peaceful dream has transformed into a horrific nightmare. I wake up screaming, almost falling out of the tree. I quickly look around, checking for tributes. I can see the sun peeking over the horizon. I take slow, deep breaths in attempt to calm myself. Once my heartbeat is at a normal pace, I gather my things & gracefully lower my self to the ground.

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