Southern Constellation

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*bzzzz bzzzz*

I groan as I wake up to my phone vibrating like crazy on the stand next to my bed. It's Vic.

"Dude I'm outside."

"Oh shit!" I rub my eyes and remember I was suppose to be ready early to get something to eat with the guys.

"Yeah, you better hurry up." Vic scolds me.

I walk to my front door and let the guys inside.

"I'm gonna get in the shower real quick." I jog to the bathroom.

After I shower I throw on a tank top, hoodie, jeans and some sneakers. On my way out of my bedroom I grab a hat and go.

"Let's head out."

When we get to the restaurant they place us at seats by the window. I love those seats because I can see the ocean. I watch as the waitress walks toward us with a few menus and a tray of waters.

"Hello, my name is Cassandra. I'll be your server this morning. I'll be back in about 10 minutes ready to take your order." She says in a cheery voice, like most hosts do to make the guests feel welcome. Honestly I've always found it a bit creepy.

"What are you gonna get Hime?" I elbow him.

"I think I'm just going to get the omelet with hash browns."

"I'm gonna get the strawberry banana pancakes." Vic closes his menu.

"What a manly meal." Mike laughs.

"Hey, I'm gonna have waffles with a side of fruit." I close my menu.

"Well, I guess it's just me having the biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon, sausage and toast." Mike closes his menu proudly.

"Tone can you go ask the waitress for some coffee?" Vic asks.

I nodded and stood up, looking for our server Cassandra. I see her at the back of the restaurant and head toward her.

"Excuse me miss," I brush my fingers against her shoulder, "Could we get some coffee at our table?"

"Yes, I'm so sorry. I'll be there right away." She turned and smiled.

"No don't be sorry, it's totally cool." I smiled back. She picked up a pot of coffee and a few cups. We walked back to the table together.

"Who is wanting coffee now?" She smiles and lays out our cups.

"I think all of us do." Vic looks at us all.

"Okay here you go." She says pouring the cups.

"Thank you Cassandra." Mike lifts his cup in thanks.

"No problem! Anybody ready to order?" She whips out a small notebook and pen.

"Yes, I'll have biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon and sausage." Mike raises his hand.

"I'll have the strawberry and banana pancakes." Vic says

"I'll have the stuffed omelet." Jaime comes after.

"And I'll have waffles with a side of fruit." I smile.

"Okay, may I take your menus?" She smiles as we hand them in.

"Thanks Cassandra." We all thank her, and she grins.

"She's pretty fine to be working in a restaurant." Mike laughs as she walks away.

"Only you Mike." I laugh.

"Well it's true." He sips his coffee.

"She seems awfully cheery." Vic shakes his head laughing.

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