Ryan pov

I was woken up by louis. "Ryan I need to tell you something love." He said "what?" I said rubbing my eyes. " ummm my parents didnt tell me kidnap you I'm actually a gang in the next state called Manchester and um we'll.... We all got in a fight with the other group and made a bet that we needed to find our wife or as they say our bitch." He said. I took a deep breathe. Channeling everything he just said. "Nope."'I said getting up. "WhAt do u mean nope?" He asked following me. "No I'm not doing this shit. I'm done with you and all this shit." I said walking toward the front door. Just as my hand reached it hifist slammed on the door. " Ryan you don't have a choice." He said. "How about no!" I said. He was getting pissed but I could see him trying to keep his cool. " Ryan go into my room now!" He said. "Why so u can rape me?!?" I screamed! " Ryan!" He said his voice getting deeper. "Fucking hit me Louis!" I screamed. His fist started to clench. I kno I'm stupid but hell what can i say. "Ryan go into my room." He said getting louder. "What can't hit me Louis ! Like you did when you took me and fucking bashed my head against the wall. " I said getting louder. His fist clenched. "When you hit me and punched then when I was already down kicked me till I couldn't breathe.! Hit me Louis! Show me how your the fucking man." This time I screamed. "Hit me bitch!" I screamed till the girls and other bitches were around us. "Ryan I said stop." He said clenching his fist tight. "Hit me!" I screamed till wham my head was grabbed and bashed into the door. I remeber my vision goin blurry then falling to the ground. "Fuck Ryan. I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Louis said bending down trying to hold me up. "Your a monster." I whispered. Till I fell asleep from the hit.

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