Chapter 1

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A/N: hey guys! This is my first fanfic so I really hope you like it. This is just a little insider to what the book is going to be about. Please honestly tell me how you feel about the book and how I can make it better. I'm a newbie at this whole fanfic thing so I'm really bad at making covers. If you have the time to try and make me an amazing cover, I will love you forever!!! Just post it on Instagram with hashtag #brokenfanfic. Thanks lovelies and I really hope you enjoy the whole book. I'd love ideas for the books and I hope to get a lot of feedback!! Don't forget to vote and comment!!!!! XOXO <33


I needed love, I needed life, I needed someone to care for me and love me unconditionally, I needed trust, I needed space, I needed freedom, I needed joy, I needed happiness, I needed care, I needed help, I needed light, I needed emotions, I needed feeling, I needed too much. Too much to be given. Too much to be satisfied with.

I never knew that all I needed was him. I needed that one and only person to give me everything that I had wanted and needed. The curly haired boy with the dimples and green eyes. If only he had come to me sooner. All I needed was for one person to turn my whole crazy, upside down life back to normal. I needed him, no matter what.

I needed Him, I needed Harry.

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