Chapter 4: Patrick has a nightmare of Michelle

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Patrick was laying down in his bed at his house with his eyes and he fell into a deep sleep. Patrick was driving to his and Rachael's house and he got out of his car. He ran towards the door and unlocked it. He ran inside the house and threw his keys down. He started calling Rachael's name and he stepped in Rachael's blood. He looked down at his feet and saw it. He saw her dead body beside the counter and ran towards her. He fell to his knees and held onto her. He started crying angry tears. "Who did this to you, huh, I should've came home with you," said Patrick crying and Michelle got in front of him. "It's such a pity that once you lose a loved one, you can't get'em back, and it's such a pity that you don't know what happened to'em, you couldn't save nor help'em, or how did it happened to'em," said Michelle and Patrick looked at her. He got up and Michelle held onto a knife in her hand tightly. "M, you didn't do this, did you..., you killed your best friend, that's impossible, you're dead, how could you?" said Patrick. "I did her ass a favor, you should probably go check on your kids, they're not too proud that their mother is dead, they're in the backyard," said Michelle and Patrick walked away. Michelle followed him and he saw 4 tombstones with his children's name on them. He stopped walking and looked at Michelle. "You killed my children, too, you sick bitch!" said Patrick and he was about to punch her. She chopped his fist clean off and it fell on the floor. His blood squirted on the floor and she chopped the left side of his throat. He grunted in pain and blood came out of his mouth. "You didn't save me, Patrick, that's why I'm doin' this, none of you did, I've killed Asante, Khleo, Rachael, your kids, and now, I've killed you, don't worry, the others will be with you in Heaven, too, 8 down, 7 more to go," said Michelle and took the knife out of his throat. He fell down with a grunt and she walked away. Patrick woke up and sat up quick-like. He panted heavily and looked all around him. "It was just a dream," said Patrick.

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