Does He Really Care (Dylan Obrien)

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Dylans POV

Ughhh I dont want to ho shooting today! Its Monday and I hate Mondays:( I usually love going out and shooting TeenWolf but not today!! We usually shoot 15to19 hours a day! I know wayyyy toooo longgggg! I have to be there in an hour or so so i should probably get ready now!

Skipping to set

Ughhh this is auful absolutly auful im exhausted and so burned out and i have to shoot a super active scene in like 5 minutes😓

"DYLAN WE NEED YOU NOW!!" Russel Yelled. "Seriously" I wispered to myself. I walk over to Jeff, Russel, Crystal, and Posey. Posey looks at me for awile amd finally says" You look auful are you alright dude" i looked up quickly amd nodded yes. "Im just super tired thats all" I assured Posey.

After The Scene

"Holy God Can We Be Done" i say emphasizing the word done!! "Dylan you really need to go home and get some rest ok" Jeff said. "No Jeff Im sorry i over reacted i guess im fine" "Dylan go home this isnt helping you any more" Jeff warned. So I agreed to go home and take a nap.

Skipping to 2:45

Mias POV

Ughhhn schools almost out... Come on clock please move faster please i want to get out of here. I waited minute by minute the long hand on the clock would move closer and closer to the 12. I just decided to get some homework done since i have free period in the science room. I was all alone and it was so peace ful and quiet until a special some one came in


"Oh No" i said to myself "ahahaha oh no is right" Ava said. Where should i go what should i do should i call for help whats she gonna do? All these thoughts ran through my mind when i had the perfect idea. I saw a hlass vase and i picked it up and threw it at her head and it hit her and she fell down. Right after i turned to a very angry Mr. Write. My science teacher.

I shouldve known i would get caught i meen the innocent one always does right. Now i have to wait and extra hour and forty five minutes to get out of this prison.

Dylans POV

i woke up about 2 and a half hours later and looked at the clock 6:15 or something like that. I looked around trying to find the TV remote and couldnt find it in my bedroom so i looked in the living room to find a note from Jeff saying

Dylan, I got in to see if you were ok and u looked really sick so i looked at our scedual for scenes and you only have one tomorrow which we can use ur stunt double for so please stay home and get better tomorrow! Feel better bud😉 ~Jeff Davis

I smiled at the letter knowing he cared that much about me. I finally found the remote and turned on the TV finding season 1 episode 11 of teen wolf when me and Holland had the prom scene i smiled to myself and watched the rest of that episode.

Mias POV

I finally got out of detention and went home to a very angry mother! I walked in and she as fuming😤 i looked at her with guilty eyes and looked down! "No you look at me right now young lady" said my mom. I looked up at her and her anger had turned to sadness and worry. Her eyes strated to tear up and thats when i started feeling really guilty and sad. "Mom please dont cry im so sorr-" "Mia Jestine Carver," i hate it when people calk you by ur first name "Yoh went to school and stayed and hour and forty five minuts late and didnt even bother calling me" My mom yelled "Mom im sorry I had detention " "DETENTION" my mother screamed oh shoot i shouldnt have told her "Mom Im sorry but it really wasnt m-" "Go to your room right now" maria snapped "But Mom!-" RIGHT NOW!" She yelled and i ran upstairs to my room and started crying as i looked at the pictures of my mom,dad,sister,brother,and me!

Dylans POV

I had just finished watching season 2 episode 7 when there was a knock on my door. I moaned and started getting up when there was another k ock amd another and another! "IM COMING SERIOUSLY ITS NOT THAT EASY LIVING IN A GIANT HOUSE BY YOURSELF" and opend the door. To see who i least wanted to see right now "Then you dont have to" She Said

BRITT. My ex was standing at my doorstep asking to move in and with that i slamed my door in her face and started pacing back and forth.

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