Chapter 7- Sally

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Crud. This chapter sucks and I'm on a sugar rush.

Jeff's POV

Zalgo had launched a fireball right at her wings, and she ignored it. She just ignored it... I stared in amazement. She fell out with her arms around the woman's neck. Actually, I don't think she ignored it. Mystery had gone completely insane. That was not a good thing.

 Zalgo said something in a little bit of a drowned out voice. Ben was shaking Sally with tears coming down his eyes. Shadow was staring at Mystery with a huge amount of concentration. They were good friends. I could tell.

"Aw, and one of my own Shadow Creature's turned against me." Zalgo said narrowing his eyes on it. The Shadow Creature stood out of it's curled up shape for a short second and went back into it. He was trying to resist the urge to go check on Mystery and make sure she was okay.

Mystery's eyes fluttered open again. She walked straight past us and knelt down next to Sally. Mystery looked so... vulnerable. She looked down at Sally and tried to open her mouth to say something. Nothing came out. I honestly felt sorry for Mystery. For once she tried to say something, but she couldn't.

I felt my hand itch. It was hard not to stab the guy who killed Sally. Mystery was still knelt over Sally. "Zalgo, what's that pit over there." Slendy finally said what was on all of our minds. Zalgo laughed. "One person jumps in willingly, and they wish for another person to live. You can't ever push anyone in by force. It would even kill an immortal."

I looked at Mystery who was focused on the pit, and the woman. Mystery's colored eyes were scaring me. Her sanity was breaking, and she couldn't control it.

Mystery looked back up and stared directly at Zalgo and into his evil eyes. Zalgo muttered something under his breath. Mystery's thoughts were suddenly spoken into the hair.

The funny thing is her thoughts were projected in different voices. Sometimes Sally, Slendy, EJ, Ben's, and sometimes mine.

She had a lot of things going around in her head. There was one main one spoken in a voice that sounded like... Zalgo's. I listened to this one. "You shouldn't have killed Sally... Oh you shouldn't have."

Everyone looked back at where Mystery was. She wasn't there. She was behind Zalgo and had a book in her hand. She spoke words in a completely messed up voice that was in some language. I looked around and saw things falling. What did she just do? Her thoughts were gone from the air, and she had moved away from Zalgo with the books. She spoke more words and then just disappeared.

She then reappeared in front of her Mother and spoke more words. I'm confused.

Mystery's POV

I had found a book that had magic words. All magic has a price that I am willing to pay. I did a couple the. Did one that had involved thought transferring. I had did it to my Mother. I had told her this. "I would kill you if I could bring myself to."

I looked over at Sally then at the pit. My mind was on one thing. Get Sally back no questions asked.

I walked away from all of them towards the pit and looked in. It was full of lava at the bottom. The pit was really a huge ravine. I stood, spread my arms then fell.

My wings seemed to let me fall in a slower way than usually. It was still fast though. When my arms hit the lava, I immediately knew this was special.

The lava didn't burn, but it was a pain that was worse. Right when it touched my skin, I was paralyzed. It made the pain travel up my body and in a way that I almost screamed. I took it though. The pain then stopped and so did I.

When I was alive, I heard that the brain had a little of brain activity left when you died, and it would make a slides show of your memories.

It went towards my early memories. The time my little brother, Ryan, made plays, and my big brother and I would perform in front of my parents.

My big brother would always record with his video camera everywhere he went. He loved to record, and we even had a YouTube channel for it. He named it after me because he recorded me a lot. He recorded himself and barely recorded Ryan.

Ryan being a tattletale always being a pain. No one cared about the him telling me much when Mom had been with us. When she died (or so we thought), the person Dad got would always help me get in trouble.

The day I went insane and killed all except my brother. We all played some games. We even finished Monopoly...  

When I could always make people laughed when I joked and did something silly. When I had taken the liquid and pills for my Acid Reflux. Fake Friends from school. Real Friends from school.

Torture to watch my memories all over again.

Everything went black, and I saw was at the top of the ravine again. This time no one could see me. Sally was alive and had her blood tears going down her face. My Mother looked so frustrated that I had jumped. Zalgo wasn't in the room. Slenderman kinda just stood there looking at the ravine. Ben well.... was hovering above the ravine to see if I had lived.

The thing that came to mind was how I came back up, and I could see everything. It actually hurt. Not something imagined. I began humming a tune that Ma used to hum to me when I needed to be calmed down.

The thought came to mind that no one could see me... To bad. Does that make since though. I'm certainly not a spirit... Their was one thing that could see me. I could see it. It was creepy from far away.

So I simply went towards it.

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