"Everything's gonna be alright"

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Raven's POV:

I was on top of my dad punching him until a bright light engulfed the room.

I looked back and saw the rest of the Titans ready to fight. Robin nodded at me and with my attention fully on them i never noticed, Trigon taking this to his advantage.

He wrapped his slim claws around my neck, and slowly let his claws sink into the side of my neck. I screamed a muffled scream and felt robin trying to pull his fingers away from me.

"Raven!" Starfire's scream and green blasts flew past me as i began feeling my lungs give out and the world start spinning.

I glanced down and saw my dad smiling in joy.

"Rot in hell" His words echoed in my head and i felt him push me off and my body hit the cold hard marble floor.

Cyborg's Pov:

"De ja vu" I mumbled as everyone sat anxiously in the medical room at the Titan tower.

We were able to flee and star helped us seal the portal up.

Beast Boy and Raven were quickly rushed to the medical room and have been here ever since.

"Anyone want coffee?" Robin offered.

Star slightly nodded and floated out of the room with Robin.

I stared at the floor, counting how many tiles were in the room until i heard a small groan and some stirring.

I lifted my head and saw Raven sitting up clutching the side of her head.

"Rae!" I ran over to the bed and hugged her tightly.

"Sis!" She hissed.

"Oh sorry forgot about the injurys"

She chuckled "it's fine"

Her eyes finally dragged onto the figure that layed in the bed next to her's. His body was beaten up and bruised. A pained expression was plastered on his face and his bright green skin a paler color.

"How..is he?" She whispered.

"Well he was pretty bad when we rushed him in here" I looked over at her and her eyes became glossy "But he's been responding well to the treatments."

She let out a held sigh and nodded 'How long until we get BB back?"

I smiled "BB?"

She blushed and shrugged.

"I'd say another week or two, as long as we let him rest, after he wakes up too"

She stared directly into my eyes and for once i saw not a heartless, no emotion, brave girl but a vulnarble, scared girl who just wants the words "everythings gonna be alright"

"so he'll be fine,right?"

I nodded and she slowly layed back into the bed letting her full attetention be on Beast boy's sleeping body.

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