Chapter 10* The Plan In Progress

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"Well actually we came to inform you that Lucy can't get married." Erza said calmly. They looked at each other and then and the teens.
"And why is that may I ask?" The husband said slightly amused.
"Lucy is already married.."

"Sorry I couldn't tell you sooner I wanted to wait for my husband to return from his mission." Lucy apologized.
"Who is the man?" The wife asked, Her eyes studying their movements.
"I'm right here." A voice said.
"My name is Natsu Dragneel."
"We could have used loke." Erza whispered to gray who was watching.
"It won't be right for a celestial wizard to be married to their spirit." Gray informed. "Besides he'll be serious we all know how much he cares for her."
Erza nodded. "Yeah your right."
"We had no idea, where's the rings?" She asked.
"Right here." Lucy said smiling. She took them out of a small pouch and passed one to Natsu.
"I don't wear mines because it'll get lost, while I'm on a mission." Natsu said slipping it on.
"Same with me." Lucy said. The couple looked at each other.
"Wouldn't we be informed if this would have happened?" A voice interrupted.
"Zack?" Lucy said narrowing her eyes. " I hate this guy.." She thought to herself.
"Ah Zack Lucy here is already-"
"I know dad, but wouldn't we be informed of this sooner?"
"He does have a point." Mrs. Evans replied.
"Yes but we keep marriages low key due to the respect of the couple." Erza informed them. "It's a high risk if it were to be exposed."
"We understand." Mrs Evans replied.
"Our apologies Mr. and Mrs. Dragneel." Mr. Evans said.
"It's ok." Lucy said smiling.

Hmm is it over?
I'm sorry for those who wanted loke, But their will be more drama...

Spoiler: Someone finds out the truth...

《A Edited Chapter》

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