It Happened

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It Happened

Best friends come from everywhere

When you were mine I was happy

Then you left me for some other girl

But hey, it happens

I waited patiently in the lunch line

My money in my hand

When you came up and took it from me, leaving me hungry

I just thought it happens

At the middle school dance

You stole my date, leaving alone in my expensive dress

I was still thinking it all just happens

Freshman year when you took my new laptop, and 'accidentally' knocked it in the fountain

I was really mad, but bought a new one because it already happened

It was beginning of junior year, I had made 1 new friend, but sooner or later you took her away from me, telling her she shouldn't bother with me

It happened

Final year, Senior year, my last year then I'm free from you, as I thought it would all get better, you brought me down in the hallway, pointing at my scars, laughing at how 'pathetic' I am.

It all happened

As it was the day of graduation, my valedictorian speech on my table, ready for someone else to read, because it wouldn't be me.

Because of what happened.

Everything you said, Everything thing you did, takes part in what I did, all of it was the reason I made the decision to take my last breath.

But I guess it just 'happens'.


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