Catalina POV~

My name is Catalina Isabella Ramirez. I am a werewolf and a special one at that. But no one seems to care because I became the forgotten one of the family. This is not your typical werewolf mate story, no it is something I will never forget.

It was my sixteenth birthday. One of the only times my parents actually acted like they cared about me. Anyway, that night was supposed to be the best day of my life, but turned out to be the worst. My parents didn't give a damn about me, neither did my older sister Layla. She always called me fat or ugly or a bitch and that hurt. The night of my birthday, I found my mate. I was over the moon, but when he made out with my sister right in front of my damn face I felt a stab in my heart. They caught me staring and suddenly stopped.

"What do you want! Can't you see no one wants you here. You are an ugly bitch and I hope you die!" Layla says.

"But he is my mate." I say.

"If I were your mate, I would rather die than be your mate. I, Christopher Williams reject Catalina Ramirez as my mate."

I wanted to die right then and there. The pain was unbearable. I went back to the party with my head high. I thought I would sing a song that marked the beginning of my revenge. I heard the music play fueling the anger inside me. Better Than Revenge came On by Taylor Swift. When the part about someone coming along, I was pissed when they came into the room. I flipped em off. Once I was done they were fuming with anger. I walked no skipped out of the ballroom happily and went home. This was only the beginning.

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