Day Off

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I gripped the wheel. My breath escaped mr pressing lips. "Of course there's traffic." I sighed "Where am I even going?" I am on the stupid high way. I shook my head. "I am hungry. I didn't eat. You moron. I need to stop talking to myself." My eyes were glued to the car in front of me. He was making odd movements.

The cars started to pick up again. I drove for hours. By hours I mean 30 minutes. I stopped by Nandos. I parked and took a deep breath. I laid my head back against the chair.

I closed my eyes. Take long deep breaths. It's ok. My phone buzzed. Its been ringing off the hook since I left my house. I looked at my phone it was my mother. I groaned. I don't want to talk to her. But maybe she can help me with this mess. I fought the part of me not wanting to deal with her.


Hey Mom.

"Sweetheart I am so glad it's you!"

"Yeah. Yeah it's me."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Forget about it. What's going on?"

"Well we need you to come tomorrow night for dinner."



It's a important meal. Trust me."


I am not telling you until tomorrow. Is Niall coming?"

Um I don't know I have to ask."

Just tell him it's important."

Yeah. Sure. I will do that."

"Great. How are you two doing? Your not having kids yet are you?"

No! We haven't done anything! Why do you think we would be?"

Well it said so on the news."

Did it really?"

Yeah this mourning. And it also said Niall was with this girl called God or something Lorde I think. Is that right?"

Mom your not that old. You have heard her before. And I am not having any kids."

You didn't answer the second part."

I know. I don't know if its true or not."

What did Niall say?"

That it's not true."

Then there you go."

Mom. It's not that easy."

It really is sweetie. Your with Niall now. He's a famous pop star. People make up things all the time. It's probably just looks bad. The pictures only have them hugging. That's not bad. I heard she was saying sorry for calling them ugly and being so rude. They probably just hugged as friends."

I guess your right."

I always am."

What if he told you he kissed a another girl?"

Why would he do that?"

What tell me?

No kiss another girl."

I have no idea."

Well just talk about it. Was he drunk?"


Then if he drinks he needs to control himself. I thought he knew you didn't like drinking."

He does but it was a guys night. I told him to have fun. I didn't mean this though."

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