*1 week later*

Christmas was only 2 days away! Justin got two whole weeks of off tour! I was so excited, as soon as we got home me and him hung out.

"Im serious." He said laughing

"There is no way." I said in shock

"Why does that surprise you?" He asked

"Because, its just weird!" I said laughing

"I admit it was pretty weird." He said laughing

"Under a tree?" I said now dying of laughter

"Yes, we were 14 Chels!" He said joining me in laughter

"But why would we just made out under a tree!?" I managed to breath out

"Well we had never kissed anyone before so we wanted to know what it was like." He said plopping down on the bed next to me

"Wow, and we just stayed friends?" I said turning to him

"Yup, we both acted like nothing happened." He said pulling out his phone

Justin took me to get a phone yesterday, he logged into my Twitter and all the other social media sites. I will still very confused.

"How do you even work this thingy." I said attempting to turn my phone on

"Chels, its a Iphone. Its not exactly rocket science." He said in a cocky tone

"I dont like it!" I said throwing it at him

"Fine, alright then." He said laughing

"Its not funny!" I yelled

"It actually kinda is Chels." He said smirking

"Why doesnt anyone else call me that?" I asked looking over at him

"You never let anyone else call you that, just me." He said smiling

"Oh, so you mustve been the one to give me this to right?" I said motioning to the bracelet on my wrist

"Yes, I uh gave that to you the night I asked you out." He said nervously

"Its beautiful." I said inspecting it

"Just like you." He said looking in my eyes

A awkward silence fell between us both.

"Im going to go take a shower." I said quickly before getting up

I ran to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Did he really just call me beautiful?

Justins POV

"Damnit." I mutter to myself as she closed the door

I really needed to stop doing that, it was just so hard not to. Even though its not the same Chelsea thats who I saw.

"Chels, Im really sorry I- uh im sorry." I said threw the door

She opened the door and looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Justin, dont apologize I-Im so sorry I just-"

"Stop." I said cutting her off

"Cmere." I said pulling her into a hug

"Im so sorry, I try to remember you have no idea. I lay awake at night and think about who I was, I just cant remember." She sobbed gripping my shirt

"Stop Chelsea you need to breathe." I said noticing her breathing was getting hard

"I-I cant." She said pulling me closer

"Breathe with me." I said bringing her face up to mine

She tried to take a deep breathe but she was still crying.

"Baby, look at me." I said cupping her face with my hands

She looked in my eyes, she looked so beautiful. Her lips were only inches from mine, I felt the heat between us. I leaned in slowly and pressed my lips gently against hers. I felt sparks fly when our lips connected, she didnt pull away instead she placed he hand on the back of my neck deepening the kiss.

Kissing her felt good, it felt like we were meant to be.

She said something, I heard her loud and clear, now I was the one that couldnt breath.


Question: Justin with tattoos or Justin without tattoos?


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