Chapter 15

Taylia’s POV


I pulled my hair down and watched it fall around me, covering my face like a veil. I walked quickly for this wasn’t a place where one hung around without despicable intentions. The streets around me were murky and dark, with shadowy figures hanging around in the gloom. The ramshackle buildings and large broken warehouses were all close the water causing there to be a fog that covered the area. The place was once a beautiful dockside where many worked and played and lived happy lives. Till the drugs, guns, gangs and ultimately turf war tore it apart and left but a mocking shell.

I raised a pale hand and watched the misty fog swirl around it and depart elsewhere. It helped hide me as I slid past the hidden alleyways and different crooks and nanny’s a place like this held. I was running late so my movements and glances around me were quicker than I would have liked.

I took a familiar path through the streets till I arrived outside a warehouse. It looked identical to the ones around it. However a trained eye could see the age old video cameras were still moving, and that the glint of a reflective panel was much more than a scrap of metal.

I moved forwards slowly, emerging from the fog like a demon. I raised a fist and knocked on the door in a rapid succession. I paused when I heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps moving closer to my position from within the warehouse. Soon the sound of chair being dragged and the clunk of metal scraping across metal as the deadbolts were unlocked could be heard.

The door swung open and light spilled into the street. I quickly slid past the figure standing in the hall and shut the door behind me.

“Glad you could join us sweetheart” I heard him say behind me. I spun round with a slight smile on my face. “Well I couldn’t leave you guys on your own at a meeting like this. Knowing you lot you’d tear each other to pieces before the clock strikes twelve, Hector” I said in a patronizing tone.

Hectors booming laugh echoed around the hall. It suited his looks. He was a large man. He had a bit of a balding problem but he was old and had kids, it was to be expected. He was still laughing as we wandered down the hall to the living area. It was a nice area.

The room was originally the office room but Hector and the others had redecorated it to suit their needs. It now had couches; two TVs; a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom; bunk beds lining the walls and, of course, a massive dining table with chairs to create a pretty sweet meeting place.

The others were already there. There were 6 of us in all. I was the only female though. Altogether there was Hector, Emerson, Laurence, Theodore, Vincent and I. They were all older than me. Their ages ranged between 19 and 50. Hector being the oldest at 50 and the Vincent being the youngest at 19, not counting me of course.

We found each other over the years. Meeting again after years had passed. But the memories had not disappeared. Of the place underground where the monsters lay, waiting to strike again. Every few months we would all meet up. Talk about our lives and how we were coping with the life. Originally there had been a group of 20. But not everyone could survive above ground, in a different sort of reality. Even now, we looked at each other and could see the scars that may not be written on our flesh but in our eyes, on our souls.

Hector and I joined the others at the table, where we were discussing times that would suit us all so we could all attended Laurence’s wedding. None of us were surprised when he came to one of meetings with an engagement ring on his finger. We knew him and his lovely future bride to be Mirabelle, Belle for short, were going to get married. They suited each other perfectly. And after two years of dating, Laurence finally told her about his life before; which she accepted easily. After another year together they finally were getting married in a couple of weeks. He hadn’t set the time yet because he wanted us all to attend. After an hours’ worth of discussion we all agreed to next weekend on the Saturday.

Laurence excused himself so he could call Belle and tell her the times. Due to his departure everyone now decided to gang up on me.

“So darling, any dashing young men enter your life lately” Theo teased.

“Well I may have recently found out that I have an alpha for a mate” I said simply.

I waited a moment for it to sink into their minds then added “and he’s hot.” This of course set off the chain reaction of







I laughed at the last question coming of course from Vincent; he was still trying to find himself a girlfriend. A huge grin plastered his face when I said yes. He then of course moved on to begging me to set them up.

I was actually really tempted to. I mean they would suit each other nicely. Vine had a similar look about him. With black hair that hung across his eyes and piercings practically everywhere. Along with tattoos and scars he was a sight to see. He also had that skinny but well defined look. It was quite funny really. Because the majority of the time he was a real sweetheart. With one hell of a sense of humor he was almost always smiling. But he really suited his looks when he got into one of his moods. They were dangerous. But Se was well Se, so surely that counts for something.

“Maybe I will introduce you” I replied considering it. “PLEASE I WILL FOREVER OWE YOU A MASSIVE FAVOUR! AND WILL LIKE GIVE YOU MARSHMALLOWS!” I laughed at his reaction and faced the others again for more questions.

But at that moment before further questioning could be done Laurence re-entered the room. “Okay guys so next Saturday will work fine.” I could see in his eyes though that something mischievous was on his mind.

He turned to me and I gulped. “Now Taylia darling, there is a slight change in plans. Belle of course was listening to the conversation and now wants to meet this boy you’re talking about.  So he is now your date to the wedding. Yup that’s about it.”

Laurence then chucked the phone on the table and ran out of the room. After a brief moment of shock I leapt up from the couch and rushed after Laurence screaming direct profanities towards him. I heard the others laughing behind me and I grinned. But then frowned once more when I remembered what I’m chasing Laurence because of.

I, Taylia Zayli, now have to figure out how exactly I am going to invite Zavier to one of my scary, crazy friend’s wedding.


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