Chapter 5: Birthdays and Announcements

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Some words are written here! More wise words from Lindsey! Is it weird that we've already written like chapter 20? Whoops.

*Vic's Perspective*

"I don't know how to help you," Mr. Castaldi says.

"We didn't actually come to get those problems solved. We came so that Vic could relearn how to play the flute," Liz says.

"Yeah. She was so great at it, it would be a shame for her to loose it. And you're our favorite band teacher. And her flute is locked inside the high school," Kate adds.

"Taking this situation in small steps, then?"

"Of course." Liz grins.

I wonder if he's that great of a teacher to be able to help me like that. I don't remember how to even hold the thing.

He goes into the instrument room, and comes back with a small black case. He opens it up.

I see the shiny metal of the thin tube and began to get scared. They all have expectations for me. At just the sight of it I know I'll never be able to play it. Not with all of those buttons.

But instead of mentioning this I give a wide smile as if I know everything there is to know. I add a knowing nod, this seems to please my two best friends.

"Can you put it together?" asks Mr. Castaldi.

I didn't want to admit that I wanted to flee the room, honestly, so I just give a neutral, "Mmm..."

"It's okay I didn't expect you to be an expert at first sight." He smiles and begins to put it together explaining each step.

After assembling it twice he begins to show me some notes. E flat...F sharp... D flat... I find my fingers fluttering gracefully. I look at my hands to see that they're making sharp, definite and confident movements. I was absolutely shocked and confused. What is going on? But I think Mr. Castaldi assumed this would happen. He's still smiling that smile that he always wears, but it's bigger.

He puts the gleaming instrument back into its case. Then, wordlessly, he hands it to me. It's heavier than I had expected, but it's still rather light. Its rough in my hands. Without a thought, subconsciously, I flip open the lid and connect the pieces, they link perfectly. I put it to my lips confidently. My fingers immediately resting on the right buttons.

I blow across it, my fingers instantly forming a note. A high A flat, my mind provided me. It came out pure and sweet like usual. I pull back to really look at the flute for the first time. It sparkles without light. It fits in my hand as if my palms were molded exactly to it. That's when I finally realize it...

The flute is not an instrument. It's an extension of my arm. Its part of me. I grin triumphantly.

Mr. Castaldi quickly puts a sheet of music in front of me. I play it.

"That's beautiful!" Mr. Castaldi cheers.

He pulls out a more advanced sheet. And I play it. And, for the first time, I feel a sense of accomplishment on my remembrance. Because I can play an instrument now!

"You used to play the trombone, too, you know."

"I did?"

"Yeah. Liz played bassoon, and Kate baritone."

"Let's all try again!" Kate announces, then runs into the instrument room again. Liz follows, but hesitantly. They both emerge with big instruments.

"Um..." I start nervously then look down at my new found companion. "I don't know."

"That's fine," Mr. Castaldi says. "You just relearned one instrument, I think that's enough for one day."

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