Chapter 2: The Curls

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Kortney's P.O.V.

To my surprise nobody was outside the door. Thats odd, I thought to myself, trying to push away any paranoid thoughts. I decided to down to the main corridor. As I rounded the corner I ran stright into someone.

I stumbled backwards almost knocking down my mothers old vase. She had given it to me right before ahe died and I kept it filled with flowers all year round.

"I'm so sorry, uhh, your majesty is that you?" A curly haired boy with emerald orbs for eyes smirked mischeviously. I noticed that he looked at the pink dress. Suddenly I wasn't so sure that wearing the dress had been such a good idea.

Wait, my heart leapt, was this my prince? He was beautiful. His curly locks were a chocolatey brown and when he smiled perfext little dimples spotted his cheeks. Maybe this arranged marriage wouldn't be as bad as I thought. I smiled tentatively and glanced at him, "And you are?" I asked trying to sound polite.

"My apologies Princess, my name is Styles, Harry Styles." He gave me a small wink that made my heart flutter. At the same time, I was overcome by disappointment. This beautiful boy wasn't the prince that I thought he was. The disappointment must have reached my face because I saw Harry's confidence shrink a little.

Immediately I had to come up with something to make him feel better. "Do you know where Prince Tomlinson is?" I kicked myself for the terrible way to make him feel better. Why couldn't I think straight with this new comer in my presence?

"Yes. He sent me to tell you that he will meet you in the entrance in an hour," Harry's eyes were glistening in the light, distracting me from all common sense that I should be using." He wished to freshen up after the journey."

"Well since we have time, would you like me to show you around?" I offered him. His eyes lit up even more and I couldn't help but smile. He nodded his head and held out his hand. I gingerly took at and pranced down the hall knowing exactly where I was headed.

After a couple of turns down the corridors, we approached the grand double doors. Harry let loose a small gasp of admiration. He carefully traced the patterns that had perfectly been etched into shapes of music shapes and dancing figures. I smiled and shoved the doors open.

I raced inside my safe haven. This was where I went when I wanted to be left alone. My father wouldn't darebstep inside the ballroom because it reminded him to much of my mother. It had been five years since we had held a ball, the same time that it had been since my mother had passed away. I had made sure that the room was well taken care of anyway.

I moved to the small stereo that that I had had the staff move in and turned it on. A soft melody echoed inside the room and I glided across the room. I spun softly by myself not realizing that Harry stood close by with a crooked smirk on his face.

Mid spin, Harry slid into the gap between my arms. " Is this what you do in your free time?" He questioned, twirling me around in a circle and taking the lead. I smiled and nodded sheepishly, glancing at the ground. Harry cupped my chin in his hand, forcing me to look into those emerald eyes, "Don't be embarrassed love, it's quite cute." He winked.

I felt blood rush to my cheeks as they became a rosy shade. How was he doing this to me? I thought to myself. I had only met him almost an hour ago and he already made my head spin and my heart flutter. What was I going to do when I met the prince, tell him I was in love with one of his staff members? I sighed, I was just going to have to follow my heart.

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