Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


 True love never dies.... Is that true?  "Sure it is, think of the love I have for you, no matter what may happen, I'll always be here to guide and protect you."

I know that, but I mean like the type of love I had—or at least I thought I had with Dale, will those feelings ever go away?  "Do you want those feelings to go away?"

Yes.  "And why is that?"

Because loving him hurts too much.  "Oh really?"

Yes, it's like you give and give and give, but all they do is take and take and take. Sometimes you come to a point where you just can't take it anymore. No one deserves to be used for nothing in return.  "True, but what about the good times? Those have to count for something"

They do, but not enough. "On a larger scale, does the good outweigh the bad?"

In my eyes, yes. "so you're just going to give up?"

It's not giving up, it's simply moving on with my life. I don't want to waste my life waiting for someone to get their act together. Sure, I will always love him and he will always have a place in my heart—but I just refuse to wait on him. He's made is clear that he doesn't want to be with me the way I want to be with him. So why waste time on wishful thinking?   "What if he has changed?"

Good for him. I am already involved with someone and I refuse to put them on the backburner for someone who may or may not be worth my time anymore.  "You talk tough, but could really resist the urge to rekindle old flames"

Of course, I wouldn't risk getting burned in the process.


"Hurry up Chris, my parents are waiting for us!" Kala shouted from her living room as she waited on her boyfriend.

Today was her parents' anniversary so they arranged this huge dinner. All of Kala's family and some of her friends were gonna be there, so she figured it would be the perfect time to introduce Christian to her family. At first, Christian was excited about meeting her family, but after listening to Kevin talk about how crazy they were, he'd slowly start to think it was a disaster waiting to happen. Kala, on the other hand, was blissfully amused with his nervousness. Christian was supposed to be so big and bad, but her was afraid to meet her slightly deranged family.

This boy is taking forever.

"Chrisstiannnnnnnnn Weellllsssss, get your ass down here right now" She shouted as she walked towards her room. She received no response, but heard a low clicking sound as she neared to door.  She swung the door open to reveal a fully dressed Christian taking a picture of himself in her mirror.

"Really Chris" She spoke in a monotone. He smirked at her through the mirror.  "Yes girl , I look sexy" He joked making a funny face at her.  "Okay enough playing around, we have to go now!" Kala demanded as she drug him through the door.

"Come on you done made us late" She fussed as they got in the car. Christian sighed and started up the car. The car ride was filled with a tense silence; mainly because they both nervous and mad. Charles was upset that she stressing so hard about him meeting her family. Whenever she got stressed she'd take her frustrations out on him and it took a lot for him not to slap her sometimes. Kala, on the other hand, was only upset because she and Christian were an hour late for her mother's function. And Kala knew how frugal her mother could be sometimes. Being that this was the first time he'd be meeting her family she wanted it to be the perfect experience for them both.  "Baby look, I'm sorry for acting up. I just want today to be perfect okay?" She pleaded once they'd reached her mother's house.

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