Nicks POV. (Chapter 18)

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Nicks POV.

That wolf thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. First his pack kills my father, then he hurts my little sisters heart and now he's taken whats mine. He thinks i wont get revenge but just wait little wolf I'm going to take the thing you love the most and who belongs to me.

Lets get this strait my names Nick summers. I'm the alpha of my pack. Theres this wolf that has taken things from me and something that belongs to me and I'm getting her back. that little wolf Jason is going to be dead. he thinks he can just take my Mate. Then your wrong little pup. I smirked and turned around when i heard my 2nd in command talking.

"Sir we got him, he's in the basement locked up" my 2nd in command said

"Good" i said with a smirk

"Is that all sir" he asked

"No, he's got a lot more coming this is just the beginning" i said

"Make sure he doesn't escape, i want my 6 best fighters and all of the children and woman safe, i don't want them dead when Alpha Jason plans on his little attack." I said

"Yes sir, but how do you know he will attack" he said

"He will, i got some surprises coming his way" i said with a grin Looking out the window

"Ok sir, do you want your fighters trained tonight or tomorrow morning" he asked

"I want them trained everyday from monday to friday every morning at 5:30am to 4:00pm got it no excuses" i said with a stern look

"Yes sir" he said leaving

"Oh and Nathan" i said

"Yes sir?"

"Remember you disobey my rules and get to strike three i wont be the only one with out a Mate at the moment" i said

He gulped and nodded "yes sir, just please don't hurt her" he begged

"Just get out of my sight i have some planning to do" i said tapping my fingers on the edge of the window seal.

He scurried out the door and closed it.

Ill have you soon my love. You wont have to deal with that jackass Jason anymore.

Ok i know its short and i thought it would turn out better but guess not. ill update tomorrow probably.

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