Chapter 36

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Chapter 35

I wake up to a cold spot beside me. My arm stretches out and I feel around the empty sheets. I grumble and open my eyes to the vacant side and my mouth automatically forms a frown, Katherine is gone. I slowly turn to my night stand and I grab my phone. The time is 1pm and I contemplate on whether to call her or not. I decide against it knowing she needed some rest, I had first hand knowledge on how jet lag could be a merciless bitch.

I lay down on my back and stare at the ceiling, my mind wanders to the thoughts of last night. I was sure about my decision last night but am I sure of it today? Yes I am I reassure myself I'm just not ready to reveal it yet, hopefully I will soon or Im afraid i'll be stuck in this paranoid pit forever.

I slowly get out of bed and walk towards my bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror and shrug of my clothing to get myself ready for a shower. I look at my naked self and the only contrast to my pale skin is the silver necklace gleaming in the mirror and the dark bracelet latched onto my wrist. I admire them both for a few seconds before I head inside the shower.

I let the warm water drape over me and consume my tightened skin. I lather the Vanilla body wash in my hands and begin to bathe, but I catch myself day dreaming, about how Katherine would be in here with me if it wasn't for the limiting factors. How she would shy away from my curious hands and my raking stare. I missed the way her cheeks inflamed at my actions or how her green eyes would shine and crinkle from a smile as I kissed her cheek and neck. I missed her so damn much and its only been a couple of hours, she got me good and I don't even mind it.


Katherine's P.O.V

I wake up in a ball of tense sore muscles. Sleeping or might I say trying to sleep on an airplane seat has to be one of the most uncomfortable things on earth. I shifted in my bed and sat up with a sore sensation in my back. I let my bare feet touch the cold naked colored tiles and padded to my bathroom. I look at myself in the glass and man do I look like shit. My hair is an unruly mess, my eyes have bags under them that looked like I got punched in the face, and my skin was paler than normal. I huffed at my second image before stepping out of the bathroom into the living room.

After walking around aimlessly for a few minutes I ended up in my parents room where they were watching tv with my little sister. I watch them for a minute before they notice my presence, I am greeted from a small smile from surprisingly mother. My little sister shrieks and jumps into my arms as I sit on their bed.

Me: Hi

Mom: Hi, how'd you sleep?

Me: Good I guess, better than on that airplane.

Mom: Did you have fun?

Me: Yeah. I Went to the London eye, and the park.

Mom: Well I'm glad you got home safely and that you had fun. We missed you.

Me: Thanks. I uh missed you to -smiles-

Mom: So I was thinking that since we didn't get to celebrate your birthday we'd take you out today.

Me: What were you thinking?

Mom: I made an appointment at the salon, maybe get our nails done and our hair?

Me: Yeah sounds good I suppose.

Mom: Well okay. Get ready the appointment is in an hour.

I give my little sister a kiss on the head before releasing her and walking out of my parents bedroom. Before I walked back to my own room I crouched on the floor and ruffled my dogs ears and let her lick my nose.

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