Put my name on the list

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The next day when the girls got on the bus and sat next to the same people, but when the got to school every one was crowded around a board full of sign up sheets for sports, theatre, and school clubs. Mae was so excited when she saw in bold letters Soccer Tryouts! Then immediately she wrote her name on the list. Madi signed up for the play The Wizard of Oz she always thought she would make a good Dorothy because of her dark brown hair. After school Mae called her Mom and said she would be a soccer tryouts which made her Mom happy.
" Gather up girls we are going to start with a game when I call your name grab an orange penny Leah, Mackenzie, Alice, Avery, Alexi, and Mae." the coach said. Meanwhile Mae was auditioning for Dorothy.
" I don't think we are in Kansas anymore." Madi said.
"Alright we will post the roles tomorrow on the board you all did very well!" the lady said. Mae's soccer coach said the same thing. "We will just have to see what happens tomorrow." Mae said.
"Same her." Madi said. Then they both laughed, " Yep tomorrow!"

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