Part One

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She brushes her lips against his ear and whispers. He can tell she is serious, desperate; a tone of urgency in her musical voice, despite the smile she had worn moments before. 

"I need you to tell me what you want of me," she whispers to him, blinking back unwanted tears.

"I know you want me for sex," she states, kissing his neck briefly before returning to his ear. "That much you have made clear.

"But I don't want only sex from you; I want to be more to you then just a fling." She said this with a scowl, and a tone of disgust at herself came with it, making him bow his head slightly in shame. 

"Do you want more than just my body?" 

He gives a shuddering sigh, a tear rolling down his now flaming cheeks.

He nods, giving her a soft smile and embracing her tightly, before into her ear does he spill his secrets; does he tell her what he wants of her.

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