A/N: feel free to leave prompts... :) this is about Cas being cute and innocent (and intoxicated) and kissing Dean not knowing it was bad.

Castiel, the usual good little boy of the hunters, grimaced as he watched the already intoxicated Dean take another shot of pure liquor. "Dean, you really shouldn't do that." Castiel said grasping his wrist to stop him, Dean chuckled his low voice finding its way to Castiel's ears. "COME OOOOONNN!" Dean slurred, falling back a little on the stool before Cas caught his body. "Take a shot! you'll loosen up a bit!" Dean slurred again, laughing at his own voice- or more like giggling. Castiel rolled his eyes, "I'm not ruining myself to get drunk, make a fool out of myself then wake up sick for you!" Castiel muttered, a slight seance of anger in his voice. Dean looked to him as a grin flickered across his face, "I don't know if you noticed but, you aren't really on Heaven's side anymore, so if you gotta be human, live life to the fullest my friend!" Dean said flicking Cas's nose and taking a shot before he could stop him. Castiel rolled his eyes, he had a point though. "will you stop drinking if I start?" Cas bargained motioning for a bar tender. "Yeah whatever!" Dean slurred again hitting Cas playfully, well- harder than that. Cas glared a bit but none the less turned to the bar tender. "Give me a liquor store and I will drink it!" Cas said, not really knowing terminology for getting a shot. "You sure bro? You don't seem like a drinker!" The bartender replied with a chuckle as he took out a shot glass. "Yes brother, please pour me whatever will get me intoxicated quickest so I can leave with Dean." Cas replied as he propped Dean up who had fallen onto his lap as he talked. "Whoa, don't wanna hear about your one night stand plans." The man replied as he poured some greenish liquid into his glass and pushed it to Cas. Cas raised an eyebrow, "By one night stand I am assuming you mean to have sex with Dean, which I can assure you is not my plan. I need to get him home." Cas reassured a he took the glass, holding it to the low lighting in the room to see if he could see through it. He frowned but then took it to his lips and poured it in. Castiel grimaced as he tried not to spit out the disgusting drink in his mouth, he waited a second and then swallowed it scrunching up his nose. "With more of those you'll be in bed with him in no time. Like it or not." the bartender said as he poured another shot for him to down.

After about four more shots, Cas was as drunk as ever, he even made Dean look sober compared to him. Cas giggled, "I'm taking you home mister." Dean slurred with a laugh as Cas fell on his lap again, too drunk to notice his actions. "No Dean! let's shay her." Cas slurred liking his mouth, "No way man you're more hammered then I am!" Dean said laughing as he stood from the bar slamming down fifty dollars for the drinks. The bartender nodded as Dean pulled Cas off his stool. Cas stammered around the bar pulling Dean over as Dean tried to get outside with Cas. "I love you Dean!" Cas slurred with a giggle. Dean laughed and pulled Castiel outside picking his phone from his pocket and calling Sammy. "HEY! Sammmmmm can you come get us we're at the bar across the street, the keys are in the Impala, which is here." Dean said trying to get out his message as Cas wrapped his arms around Dean's waist.

Cas put a hand around Dean's neck, not caring that he was on the phone. Dean giggled as he listened to Sam agree angrily saying how he shouldn't have let Cas get drunk and other stuff like that. Dean listened to him drone on as Cas continued to move his hands on Dean making slight gasps escape his mouth. "Cas ster-" Dean tried but before he knew it he was being pushed to a wall and enveloped in a whole lot of Castiel.

Cas kissed his neck and Dean dropped the phone listening to Sammy scream at him for getting drunk. Cas put a leg out to keep Dean from moving as he pushed his lips against him in an almost angry way. Dean no longer tried to stop him as he pulled him closer. Cas licked his bottom lip and slipped his tongue in his mouth to deepen the kiss. That's about when Sammy came up and stood there dumbstruck "Are- is that Cas? Dean? are you under there?" Sam cried standing there not wanting to get in the middle to stop them. Dean didn't reply, instead he just threw him the Impala's keys and shot him a thumbs up. Sam chuckled, it was bound to happen eventually, Dean ending up with Cas and finally expressing his love. He picked the keys up from the sidewalk and strode to the Impala waiting patiently for the two to finish.

Eventually, after about ten more minutes, Dean was peeking out from the side of the building with Cas leaning on him and trying to hold his kiss. Cas kissed his neck as he walked making Dean sway slightly as he opened the back door for Castiel, climbing in after. Cas smiled and pulled Dean on top of him making Sam grimace then start to back away from the building and drive them back to the hotel where he bought the two a room so he didn't hear.... Anything.

Cas smiled slightly, the bartender was right. He thought elapsing in a kiss with Dean again.

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