Chapter One

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Disclaimer: As much as I wish I did, I do not own Harry Potter or any of J. K. Rowling's characters. I own my OC's, however, which is significantly less exciting. I am not profiting from this story. This is simply a tribute to my favorite series of all time.

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The Perks Series

Part One of Three:

The Perks of Befriending a Malfoy


snapplexo (Tyler)

It's a universally known fact that kids love the end of the school day, especially when it leads to the weekend. Kids at Hogwarts were no different. The excited clamor of the fifth-year students rang down the hallways. They were all too ready to be done with school for the week; that is, except for Hermione Granger.

While she didn't exactly love all of her classes (or teachers, either, for that matter), she was studious by nature. She loved learning; she even did it in her spare time. She would read her textbooks over the summer to prepare for school. So while the weekend meant that she and her friends could kick back and relax for a while, she missed getting to attend her classes every weekday. But, there wasn't usually too much to do at Hogwarts over the weekends, really. So, Hermione often studied over weekends – when she wasn't hanging out with her friends, Harry and Ron, of course, who she noticed were in the middle of a conversation about how much they hated Professor Snape, a conversation that they had quite often.

"You know, it wouldn't be that hard to just get rid of him…what does he do around here but take points from Gryffindor, anyway?" said Ron.

Hermione decided to interject, being careful to keep her voice at a whisper. "He's a teacher, Ron, we really shouldn't be –"


In a moment, all of Hermione's schoolbooks were scattered across the corridor, and she nearly fell over herself. She noticed that it wasn't just her things, but someone else's things were mixed in with her own. She tried to get a closer look but a voice stopped her quickly enough.

"Admiring my school supplies, are you, Granger?"

She knew the cold, drawling, sarcastic voice all too well. Malfoy.

"What, jealous that yours aren't like mine or something?" he went on, drawing the attention of multiple students who had stopped to watch the events unfold. "I guess mudbloods never really can afford stuff like this, can they?"

She turned bright red. "I could care less about your school supplies, Malfoy. I was just looking for a name."

Crabbe and Goyle quickly began to pick up Malfoy's things and hand them to him. "Pathetic," he said, taking a textbook from Goyle. "I was just teasing you, Granger. Everyone knows that it's the only sort of tease you'll ever get. . . . It's amazing, I thought nothing was nastier than a mudblood." He turned around to the group of Slytherins who had gathered around him. "The only thing nastier than a mudblood is a mudblood with an even nastier face." This caused a roar of laughter from the surrounding Slytherins. He smirked and took a step closer to Hermione. "Face it, nobody will ever care about filth like you. All people care about is the oh-so-famous Harry Potter."

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