Niall POV

"He's not breathing!” Louis yelled to the rest of the boys, "Liam is not breathing!"

We all glanced to the bloody figure that was on the ground. Sure enough, he was completely still. I was shaking, I had no idea what to do. Liam had to be alive. All of us froze, even Jesse, just staring at Liam. And, just as quickly as they froze, they started back up again. It took me a minute to realize what he was doing when Harry rushed over to Liam.

"What are you doing?!” I asked, rushing to pull him off of Liam.

"Stop!” Louis yelled back at me, "Get off of him!"

Louis tackled me, pulling me back down to the ground. Even through my struggle, he managed to keep me down.

"He's performing CPR!"

I stopped struggling and got Lou off of me. He glared at me once before standing back up.

"Harry knows CPR?"

"Yeah. We both do. It's a requirement to learn it in prison. You have to be able to do it just in case your cellmate dies or something. I've never needed to do it, but at least it's good for something."

He stopped talking as we looked over to see Harry sobbing, something everyone but Harry noticed. His salty tears were mixing in with the blood on Liam's shirt, and I heard Zayn even let out a little sob.

"Wake up, Liam!” Harry called, continuing his chest compressions.

As I glanced around, I saw that everyone but Jesse had tears their eyes.

"Think about Aiden!"

He did the compressions quicker.

"Think about Kadin!"

Mouth-to-mouth for a couple of seconds.

"Liam, think about Ariel!"

All of us were shaking at this point, terrified that our best friend wouldn't wake up. Jesse was leaning on the hood of the car, rolling his eyes at our situation. At least have some compassion. 5 long and agonizing minutes passed by.

"Harry, look!” Lou called out.

Even though it was erratic and barely doing so, Liam's chest was in fact moving up and down again. Harry yelled out in joy and stopped his CPR. He was also covered in dark red, Liam's blood, but he ignored it. Liam was breathing again!

"He's still unconscious", Harry said, getting off of him, "But at least he's breathing again."

That's all we can ask for. Jesse tapped his fingers on the windshield before pushing himself off of it. The bored look hadn't left his face.

"Get in the car now", he said, "or both Trinity and Reagan die."

I stood where I was, not moving an inch. All of the boys followed Jesse to his car. Only then did they turn back to look at me.

"Niall, what are you doing?"

"I'm staying", I told them simply.

"We have to go!” Zayn called out.

"We can't just leave Liam here!"

"Niall, you can't stay! You're vulnerable! Someone could come up behind you and shoot you! Then, what purpose does that serve?! Then, both you and Liam are dead!"

"I don't care! I'm not leaving him!” I shot back.

"You knew Liam!” Lou said, "You know he wouldn't want any of us to die for him!"

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