When we all get home every one get ready for bed, either taking a shower or just changing in to pajamas. After about an hour or so everyone is downstairs. We all decide to watch a movie. The boys decided on Man of Steel. After watching the movie we all go to bed. I guess the boys said something about having to go to the studio tomorrow or something.

The next day

Niall POV

I walk up at 8 and decide on a shower since I didn’t take on last night. Once I am finished with the shower, I get dressed for the day. And head down stairs for some breakfast. I decide on Fruit loops. I think I am the only one up. I walk in to living room with my cereal to watch some TV. Just before I sit down on the couch, I hear Grace talking on the back porch. I decide against turning on the TV and try and listen to her. I can only make out a few word, it sounds as though if she’s crying.

Once I finish my cereal, I put it in the sink and walk in to the living room and out the back door. Her back is facing me. I just lean on the door and wait for her to get off the phone, she is for sure crying now.

She’s hangs up the phone and takes in a breath loudly.

“Is everything alright?” I speak up, slightly startling her.

“Umm sorry I hope I didn’t wake you.” She says, wiping her face and turning around to face me.

“No I was already up, when I heard you. Is there anything I can do.” I leaning in to hug her.

“Um well I guess I could tell you what’s up.”

“Only if you want to, don’t feel like you have to tell me because you don’t have too.” I say sitting in the chair next to her.

 “No its cool I want to. Umm my older brother was in a car crash and mom says that the doctors say that he will be fine once he recovers but he has a few broken ribs. His left wrist and ankle are broken. Apparently it was a head on collision and he’s pretty bruised. I really hope he’s okay. I haven’t been able to make a trip over there for a while because of school and exams.” She says trying really hard to keep back the tears, even though one runs down her cheek. I reach out and wipe it away.

“So do you want to go home and see him?”

“Yeah but you guys are here and I don’t just want to leave. I don’t want to be rude”

“The Boys wouldn’t think that’s being rude. What do you think if I went with you?”

“Really? You would do that?! Aren’t you guys on tour though?”

“Of course I would, and just finished the tour last weekend.”

“That would be amazing, thank you. I think I should probably go tell Kat.”

“Okay I will go look at tickets, do you want to leave tomorrow or the day after.”

“Probably tomorrow. Thanks again Niall, for everything.”

She hugs me and then we both walk inside. She runs up stairs to go tell Kat. I decided that since I would be leaving soon for a few days that the boys would like to know why. I walk in to the kitchen, to see Louis, Liam, and Zayn standing there all eating cereal.

“Hey.” I say taking a seat at the island.

“What’s up Niall you seem like bother by something,” Liam says talking he bowl and putting it in the sink.

“Well it’s kinda sad but here I go. So Grace has a brother right and well he was in an accident, he is pretty messed up from it. Broken bones and stuff. So Grace wants to go see him since she hasn’t been able to see him in a while. But she also doesn’t want to leave us here, she doesn’t want to be rude.”

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