Torn: harry styles sad fanfic part Two

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Belle scrambled to find her keys and finally opened the door to her flat.
"Where's the bed sweatheart?" Harry asked sweetly.
"Over here" Belle said as she pulled him over into the bedroom.

Harry starting feeling her up and kissed her agressively.

"Wait, maybe this is happening too fast." Belle said as she interrupted him.
He took her shirt off and her bra off.

"Oh screw it never mind" Belle said as she continued to kiss Harry.
" wow you're beautiful." Harry commented as he rubbed her breasts.
"Thank you dear."
Belle unzipped his pants and saw his huge bulge.
"Wow that was fast." Belle said as harry took off his boxers.
"Well I couldn't control myself" harry said with a wink.

Harry took off her pants and her panties. He fingered her in and out until she screamed loudly. The feeling of his warm breath on her chest gave her chills.
"Harry!! I want you inside me darling."
"Ok sweetheart."
Harry put himself inside her and began off soft and then started to go faster.
Belle was so in love with harry she had forgotten for a little while about her past.
...until halfway of them having sex.
Belle had a sudden thought. She had a flashback of when she was 16 and the abortion. She screamed and got off of harry.
"What's wrong?" Harry asked
"Oh my god. Oh my god!!" Belle started crying historically.
Harry was confused and tried to ask Belle what was wrong.
"Harry, I -I," she could barely speak.
"I can't do this."
"Why what's wrong?"
Belle couldn't tell him. She has kept it a secret for 3 years and wasn't sure what to tell harry.
"I'm not feeling well. I think I need to lay down."
"Oh, ok Ill get you some water." Harry offered.
So many things were going through her head.
-how will she tell him?
-what will he think of her?
She wanted to tell him, but she was too afraid.
"You sure that you're only not feeling well?" Harry asked her.
"Yea im sure." Belle said even though she hated lying to him.

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